22nd June 2023
Wondering how The Medic Portal compares to Medify for UCAT prep? Here’s a rundown of the key differences.

Medic Portal vs Medify

The Medic Portal and Medify both provide resources to help students with key stages of the Medicine application process – including UCAT and interview prep.

What Does The Medic Portal Offer For UCAT?

At TMP, we recommend that students follow three stages to prepare for the UCAT.

  1. Learn theory and strategies.
  2. Apply the theory with practice.
  3. Consolidate to time with mocks.

Throughout UCAT season, we run UCAT courses where experts teach theory and strategies to ace the test. It’s a one-day course, running 10am-5pm, and can be attended either in-person or live online. If you would like to learn theory in your time and at your own pace, we also offer an online UCAT course.

To apply the theory you have learned, it’s essential to work your way through lots of practice questions – and we have a UCAT Question Bank that you can use for this. Before subscribing to the Question Bank, you can try a free practice test and a selection of free practice questions for every subtest.

Once you have completed plenty of practice questions and are happy with the level of accuracy you are achieving, you need to complete full mocks in timed conditions that replicate the real UCAT test. Our Question Bank comes with a range of mocks that we recommend tackling in the run-up to test day.

If you want to boost your UCAT prep with more personalised support, TMP also offers UCAT tutoring. You can use these one-to-one sessions to focus on any areas you’re struggling with and really work on your weaknesses. There are UCAT packages available which allow you to combine tutoring with courses and more.

TMP also provides a number of free resources to help with UCAT revision, including our comprehensive UCAT guide, blogs with tips from high-scoring students and UCAT webinars which are free to attend. You can also sign up to receive weekly UCAT prep plan emails in the eight weeks leading up to your test.

At TMP, we are trusted to teach the UCAT in top schools around the world and have received a platinum Feefo award for excellent reviews.


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What Does Medify Offer For UCAT?

Medify’s offering for UCAT prep is their online UCAT course, which contains video tutorials, text tutorials, practice questions and mocks.

There is an option to try some free questions before you subscribe to the online course.

Medify is a popular choice for UCAT preparation due to the size of their Question Bank (20,000+ questions and 24 full mocks) and its relative affordability.

Medic Portal And Medify Compared

Both The Medic Portal and Medify offer products to help with the three key stages of UCAT revision: theory, practice questions, consolidation with mocks. But whereas Medify has just one product (their online UCAT course), TMP has a range of different products.

If you are comfortable with self-learning, an online UCAT course (offered by both Medify and TMP) might be a good fit for you. However, if you feel that you would benefit from live teaching and/or one-to-one tutoring, you might want to consider The Medic Portal’s range of UCAT prep resources to boost your score.


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