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UKCAT timetable

Wondering how to structure your UKCAT timetable? This is an example of what my UKCAT prep timetable looked like…

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9.00 am – 11.00 am: Online UKCAT Courses

Me and my friend worked together on UKCAT prep as we found that doing so actually motivated us to gets some work done. She only lives across the road from me, so I would go to her house for about 9.00 am and we would start our UKCAT prep!

We liked to have an intense UKCAT session in the morning so that we have the rest of the day free to do whatever else we want to do.

During the first week or two of our UKCAT prep, we would go through online UKCAT courses, make some notes on the strategies suggested, and attempt the questions that were provided.

In the last few weeks of our prep, we’d go through loads of practice UCAT questions using online question banks and then go through the answers, trying to figure out where we went wrong/explaining to the other if we got it right and the other didn’t.

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11.00 am – 11.45 am: Breakfast/Tea Break

We’d have a short break from UKCAT prep by having breakfast together and just talking about non-UKCAT related things for a bit!

Our break was meant to only be about 15-20 minutes but we tended to get a bit carried away most of the time so it was more like 30-45…

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11.45 am – 12.30 pm: UKCAT Questions

After our break, we’d get back to work and essentially do the same as we did in our first study session – go through online material or attempt practice questions, depending on what stage of our UKCAT preparation we were at.

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12.30 am – onwards: Relax!

After quite an intense UKCAT prep morning, I’d go home and just relax and take it easy. I could justify enjoying doing nothing and relaxing to myself because I knew that I had a solid 2 – 3 hour UKCAT study session behind me.

I would generally work on UKCAT by myself again at some point later in the evening. When I would do this varied and I didn’t really set a strict time for this, but rather just did so as an when I felt like it. During this time I would go through UKCAT question books/question banks by myself and when it came nearer to test time, I’d attempt some full practice tests!

Some UKCAT Prep Timetable Tips…

Don’t let it take the whole day

As you can see from my timetable, preparing for the UKCAT didn’t consume my entire day, but rather by dedicating a couple of hours aside for intense UKCAT prep every single day, I was able to still have loads of free time to do other things.

Find a routine that works for you

It’s important to note that my UKCAT prep schedule may not work for you, you need to try and find a timetable that works for you and most importantly one that you can stick to!

Consistency is important

I can’t stress the importance of consistency when it comes to UKCAT prep – make sure you try your best to do some UKCAT prep (however little) every single day because from experience, I know that improvement only comes with lots and lots of practice!

Good luck!

Words: Tahmeena Amin


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