7th May 2021
Amalia decided to sit the UCAT again, after underperforming last year. In this blog, she shares how she’s preparing for the test in the summer.

I Started My UCAT Prep in February

I decided that the best time to sit the UCAT would be July, when testing starts. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to prepare because leaving this late would cause me so much stress. I also wanted to give myself time to prepare properly; to find my weaknesses, work on them and feel comfortable with the test.

Therefore, I chose February to start my UCAT prep. It’s given me enough time to go at my own pace and take everything step by step.

With my test date chosen, I prepared a plan that empowers me to work hard towards success but also gives me the chance to relax and do things that I like.

I Started With The Online UCAT Course

I started my UCAT prep with a six-week subscription to the Online UCAT Course. It contains loads of videos with theory covering every UCAT section, and each one gives useful strategies and examples so you can understand how to use them. Along with the theory, there’s also access to the UCAT Question Bank and mock tests.

These modules were what I really needed to understand what to look for in every section and how this should work during the test. The course has made me realised that I had so many gaps from last year, which affected my previous UCAT score!

I chose the online course because it provides extensive theory and because I can track my performance after every time I use the practice UCAT questions. This is also really helpful when you want to detect your weaknesses in order to work more on them.


Start Early, Score Higher

Looking to start your UCAT prep as early as possible, like Amalia?

Online UCAT CourseUCAT Prep Packages

I Read Lots Of UCAT Advice

Personally, I believe that it’s useful to research and read as much as you can about the UCAT. It’s good to expand your knowledge by consulting different websites and different opinions.

It’s also helpful to read the UCAT Guide and all the UCAT blogs that are published on this website. The weekly newsletter also includes new UCAT content every week!

My UCAT Prep Plan

As I mentioned, I started my prep with the Online UCAT Course and took plenty of notes about the theory and strategy.

This is how I’m planning to tackle my prep until the test:

  1. Practise questions with the Question Bank
  2. Identify my mistakes and areas of weakness
  3. Focus on the weaker areas, referring back to my notes and the course to recap the strategies
  4. Work through more questions under timed conditions
  5. Keep repeating, until I feel like these areas are no longer a weakness

Once I’m confident in all of the sections, I’ll be doing UCAT mocks next.

This approach has already helped me to see where I went wrong last year, and feel more optimistic about the upcoming test!


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