5th October 2021
Sharon got exceptional BMAT scores last year and Section 1 was the one she scored highest in. In this blog she outlines how she was able to hit an impressive 7.1 in her tests.

I Avoided Distracting Information

One of the key ways to score highly in Section 1 is to understand what information is useful and what is there to distract you. I found that using diagrams helped me to organise the information in a way that I could work with – and I practiced doing this as often as possible.

I Focussed On Mental Maths

You don’t get a calculator so you have to rely on your mental maths. I made sure I could do this quickly and work with fractions, percentages and decimals as these come up a lot in test day. I also practiced doing questions using estimation as it helps to save time when there are a wide range of answer options


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I Read The Question First, Then Skimmed Text

The text questions are similar to that of the verbal reasoning section in UCAT. Read the question first so you know what information you need to find in the text. Practice speed reading so you are able to skim the text quicker in order to answer the questions quicker

I Familiarised Myself With Question Types

The questions obviously differ from year to year, but by doing practice questions you should become familiar with the question types you will see on test day. By doing this you will be able to work out strategies that will help you answer the questions more quickly and accurately

I Trusted Myself

Once you work out the answer to a question, it may be tempting to try and redo the question. Don’t do this. Trust your first answer and move on as there isn’t enough time to doubt your answers. If you have time at the end, you can come back to check your answers but be careful that you don’t talk yourself out of a correct answer

My Other Tips For BMAT Section 1 are:

  • Practice doing questions under time pressure
  • Use the questions and worked solutions that you can find on the BMAT website
  • Don’t overcomplicate the questions, look carefully at what they want you to do
  • Eliminate answer options you know are definitely wrong
  • If you are unsure make an educated guess as there are no negative marks for incorrect answers
  • Become comfortable with working with data
  • Be strict with your timings and move on if a question is taking too long

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