28th July 2021

Undergraduate Medicine is highly competitive, with more applicants than places and high entry tariffs meaning that each year, many passionate students may miss out on their dream of studying to become a Doctor. However, there are an increasing number of options to study medicine, providing you with alternative routes to fulfilling your dream of becoming a Doctor.

Pathways to Medicine at Swansea University

Swansea University’s Pathways to Medicine programme has been developed to not only provide you with an alternative route to medicine, but to build your clinical skills, experience and knowledge to best prepare you for your medicine studies and on to clinical practice.

Through our Pathways to Medicine programme, you will study one of our BSc degrees in medical sciences, building skills and experience that are highly transferable to the clinical environment, before joining our 4 year accelerated Graduate Entry Medicine degree.

You will also benefit from bespoke clinical teaching modules, healthcare-related placements and specialist preparation for medicine applications alongside a guaranteed interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine course.


Clearing Opportunities Available On Pathways To Medicine

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Available Pathways to Medicine Degrees

Applied Medical Sciences

Gain a thorough grounding in the science that underpins medicine. Our BSc Applied Medical Sciences course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of how the human body works and how we treat disorders, studying a range of topics including human anatomy and physiology, cell biology and neuroscience.

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biochemistry is at the heart of modern medicine, is crucial to the way we understand the causes and effects of disease and how we develop novel treatments. You will learn about the chemical processes that occur within living organisms, developing an in-depth understanding of their biochemical functions and how cells work at the sub-cellular and molecular levels.

Medical Genetics

Medical Genetics is an exciting and fast-moving field, making enormous impact on medicine and helping us to understand, diagnose and treat many human diseases. You will build your skills and knowledge in the essential building blocks of life, learning techniques for analysing gene expression, protein interactions, DNA structure and damage, and much more.

Medical Pharmacology

Study the science behind drugs and medicines, their effects on living systems and their role in treating disease. Medical Pharmacology will develop your understanding of and practical skills in a range of topics including toxicology, chemistry, reproductive biology, immunology and drug development.

Population Health and Medical Sciences

The ‘next big thing in healthcare’, Population Health is an increasingly vital field at the forefront of healthcare advancement. You will develop an understanding of the wide range of factors that can determine the health outcomes of individuals, groups and populations, addressing growing pressures on healthcare systems globally and providing innovative healthcare solutions.

Studying at Swansea University

As a Top UK Medical School (Complete University Guide 2022), Swansea University provides a highly skilled and experienced environment to study medicine. Read our Pathways to Medicine guide to learn more on what Swansea can offer you.

Find Out More In Our Clearing Webinar

You may also be interested in joining our webinar with Professor Phil Newton, Swansea University’s Head of Learning and Teaching for the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, who will discuss Clearing options for studying Medicine on August 4th. Register now.


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