3rd August 2021

Anyone with a dream of becoming a Doctor will do whatever they can to best prepare themselves for applying to medical school and on to their future studies.

Swansea University recognises the importance of developing a range of relevant skills, knowledge and experience in students who wish to study medicine, creating our Pathways to Medicine programme to meet those needs.

Pathways to Medicine are a group of Undergraduate degrees in medical sciences subjects with a dedicated pathway on to Graduate Entry Medicine. Our Pathways to Medicine programme includes bespoke clinical teaching modules, clinical placements and a guaranteed interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine programme.

Swansea University have chosen our Pathways degree subjects to develop your specialist skills, knowledge and experience in a number of key areas of medicine to benefit both your Medicine studies, and on to your future roles as clinicians.

One of our Pathways to Medicine degrees is BSc Medical Pharmacology, a great study option for those who wish to build their specialist skills and knowledge before studying medicine.


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The Benefits of Medical Pharmacology as a Route to Medicine

Medical Pharmacology is the science behind drugs and medicines, their effects on living systems and their role in treating disease. An important part of the role of a pharmacologist is to use this understanding of medicines to ensure that they are used safely and effectively to treat patients, playing a vital role in the recovery, and quality of life, for so many people.

Studying Medical Pharmacology as a route to Medicine will build your specialist skills in drugs and their effects on people, and can benefit both your Medical School studies and your role as a future clinician.

Medical School Assessments

Before final year Medicals Students can graduate and begin their foundation years training, they must complete an assessment called the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA). It is an assessment of their competency in the safe and effective prescribing of medicine, and includes questions on writing and reviewing prescriptions, calculating doses and identifying adverse drug reactions.

Studying Medical Pharmacology will provide you with the knowledge and experience to confidently complete your Prescribing Safety Assessment, as well as in your role as a Junior Doctor with prescribing duties.

Clinical Pharmacology Careers

Clinical Pharmacologists are Medical Doctors who specialise in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. The role of clinical pharmacologists is to improve patient care and is the only NHS medical speciality to focus on the safe and effective use of medicines. Clinical Pharmacologists can focus on a specialist area, or can utilise their skills to build a diverse career in many areas including clinical Medicine, toxicology, research and teaching.

Medical Pharmacology can provide you with a strong focus for your future as a clinician, developing your skills and knowledge to build a diverse and unique career path.

Pharmacology is an innovative and exciting field of Medicine, and plays a pivotal role in the treatment and recovery of patients. Studying Medical Pharmacology at Swansea University as a Pathway to Medicine will build specialist skills, knowledge and understanding that will greatly benefit both your Medicine studies and your role as a Junior Doctor.

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