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5 Tricks to get the Work Experience You Want

5 Tricks to Get the Medical Work Experience You Want

5th March 2018

Medical work experience places fill up fast. Here are five easy tricks to help you secure the right placement for you!

3 Surprising Things I Learned

3 Surprising Things I Learned From Medical Work Experience

27th February 2018

Medical work experience is extremely varied and you may be surprised at the things you learn - hear one student's experiences here.

How to Reflect on Your Work Experience

31st August 2017

Wondering how to effectively reflect on your work experience? Read one student's top tips on how to make the most of your medical work experience!

Medicine Work Experience Diary

How to Keep an Effective Work Experience Diary

27th June 2017

Wondering how to keep an effective medical work experience diary? Find out how to make the most of your experiences in this blog!

Work experience: school

Work Experience: Volunteering (School)

31st May 2017

Looking for work experience? Our writer discusses volunteering in a school for children with special needs, and using your experience in your application.

How to gain Medical Work Experience

Struggling to Gain Work Experience? Your Next Steps

30th May 2017

So, you want to apply to Medicine but you’re struggling to find medical work experience. What next? This blog will detail your next steps!

GP Work Experience

How to Gain GP Work Experience

18th May 2017

GP work experience can be one of the most insightful learning opportunities for prospective medical students. Learn how to gain a GP placement in this blog!

Medical Work Experience

A 3-Step Guide to Medical Work Experience

11th May 2017

Looking for medical work experience? This blog is a detailed three-step guide to securing work experience and preparing for your placement.

5 things to know before starting work experience

5 Things To Know Before You Begin Work Experience

28th April 2017

Going into your work experience prepared with questions will help ensure you get the most out of it - here are five questions for you to keep in mind before starting your placement.

Nightline volunteering

Volunteering Experience: Nightline

10th April 2017

One student writes about her experience as a London Nightline volunteer and how it has developed her skills for medicine, including empathy and teamwork.


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