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Personal Statement Work Experience

Personal Statement: 5 Tips on Writing About Work Experience

27th August 2018

Work experience is an essential component of your personal statement for medical school.  Whether you worked every Saturday at your local nursing home or spent two weeks in an operating theatre, you’d be surprised how much you’ve actually learnt – and how relevant it is to medical school, and how poorly communicated it is by…

Work Experience Competitive

How Much Work Experience Do You Need for a Competitive Application?⠀⠀

12th June 2018

Wondering what kinds of medical work experience you need for a competitive application? From hospital placements to voluntary work, it can be difficult to know exactly how much work experience you need. We spoke to several medical students about the work experience they had when applying… Read more about the kind of work experience med…

No Hospital Work Experience

How I Got into Medical School With No Hospital Work Experience

2nd May 2018

Please note that views expressed in this post are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Medic Portal.  No matter how hard you try to find one, there is no hard and fast rule or magic formula for getting into medicine. Some people say you need X amount of time in a…

3 Things I Learned From GP Work Experience

3 Things I Learned From GP Work Experience

13th March 2018

General Practice (GP) is also known as primary care. This means that GPs are the first doctors you see when you have a problem. They are generalists who know about an overwhelmingly large variety of conditions, and are skilled in providing care in the community. This differs in many ways to the secondary care found…

5 Biggest Myths

5 Biggest Myths About Medical Work Experience

12th March 2018

When it comes to applying to medicine, universities want to see that you have the relevant experience to understand the nature of the profession – and work experience gives you the opportunity to observe some of the skills required to be a good doctor. However, work experience isn’t always that easy to come by –…

Hospital Work Experience

3 Things I Learned From My Hospital Work Experience

6th March 2018

Most candidates will have undertaken hospital work experience, but only the best candidates will be able to successfully reflect on their experience in their personal statement, or answering questions about it in interview. It does not suffice to simply describe what you did – it is crucial that you are able to reflect on what…

5 Tricks to get the Work Experience You Want

5 Tricks to Get the Medical Work Experience You Want

5th March 2018

Work experience places fill up fast, so if you leave it to the last minute you might be lucky to even get a place, let alone one in a department you’re interested in. Here are five tricks to help you secure the right placement for you! Sitting the UKCAT this summer? Book your space on…

3 Surprising Things I Learned

3 Surprising Things I Learned From Medical Work Experience

27th February 2018

Medical work experience is extremely varied and you may be surprised at the things you learn – and how much this can teach you about medicine. Here are three surprising things I learnt from my medical work experience! Sitting the UKCAT this summer? Book your space on our one-day UKCAT Course! 1. You don’t have…

How to Reflect on Your Work Experience

31st August 2017

The famous piece of advice everyone gives to prospective medical school applicants – “Reflect on your work experience.” You have probably heard this phrase an endless number of times, but it truly is one of the best pieces of advice you could receive! This blog will give you top tips on how to reflect on…

Your Guide to Medical Work Experience

Your Guide to Medical Work Experience

26th July 2017

Medical work experience is key to an effective medicine application. Broadly speaking, medicine work experience can be split into three categories: clinical work experience, non-clinical work experience and volunteering. In this blog, we’ll discuss each of the three types and how to gain them. You can find out more about the kinds of work experience…


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