4 Things To Do The Day Before UCAT

6th July 2023

Make sure you do these four things the day before your UCAT test to get organised and avoid unnecessary stress.


How I Scored Over 3,000 In UCAT And Got Four Offers!

Find out how Roisin scored so highly in the UCAT - and how this helped her to secure all four Medical School offers.

What To Expect On UCAT Test Day

29th June 2023

Get the lowdown on what you can expect on UCAT test day - including what happens before and after you’ve sat the test.

5 Of The Biggest UCAT Mistakes

28th June 2023

Learn the top five mistakes that people make in the UCAT - and find out how you can avoid them!

How Accurate Are UCAT Practice Tests Compared To Real UCAT?

26th June 2023

A medical student explains how accurate UCAT practice tests are in comparison to the real UCAT exam.

Medic Portal vs Medic Mind: How Do They Compare?

23rd June 2023

Find out how The Medic Portal's UCAT prep resources compare to Medic Mind.

How To Manage Your UCAT Timings

22nd June 2023

Wondering how to manage your timings for the UCAT? These are our top tips to save time across every UCAT subtest.

Medic Portal vs MedEntry: How Do They Compare?

Discover how The Medic Portal compares to MedEntry in terms of UCAT prep resources.

Medic Portal vs Medify: How Do They Compare?

Find out how The Medic Portal and Medify compare when it comes to UCAT preparation.

How I Scored In The Top UCAT Decile And SJT Band 1

8th June 2023

Learn what this test-taker did to score in the top UCAT decile and achieve Band 1 for Situational Judgement.


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