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How I Scored 900 In Quantitative Reasoning

26th May 2023

Discover how Alice scored full marks in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the UCAT test.

What Will I Learn From A UCAT Crash Course?

22nd May 2023

Find out what makes a good UCAT crash course, what you will learn from it and how to choose the right crash course for you.

How I Scored 890 In Abstract Reasoning

19th May 2023

Ria was just 10 points short of full marks in Abstract Reasoning! Find out how she did it.

Are UCAT Courses Worth Doing?

18th May 2023

When you’re preparing to sit the UCAT test, are UCAT courses worth doing? These are the pros and cons that you should consider.

How I Scored 680 In Verbal Reasoning

11th May 2023

Find out how Anna managed to beat the average Verbal Reasoning score by over 100 points.

Which UK Medical Schools Do Not Require UCAT?

9th May 2023

Find out which UK Medical Schools do not require the UCAT - including BMAT universities and more.

Is It Worth Getting A UCAT Tutor?

4th May 2023

When you’re preparing to sit the UCAT test, is it worth getting a UCAT tutor? These are the key things you should consider.

How Long Should You Prepare For The UCAT?

It takes time to study for the UCAT test - but how much time? This is our guide to how long you should prepare for the UCAT.

How Hard Is The UCAT Exam – And What’s The Hardest Part?

2nd May 2023

The UCAT is a difficult test. Find out how hard the UCAT really is and which part of the exam is the hardest.

How To Choose The Best UCAT Course

26th April 2023

A course is the best way to learn test strategies for the UCAT – but how do you choose the best one?


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