How To Help Your Students Make Their 5th UCAS Choice

23rd March 2021

What should your students do with the elusive fifth choice?

How To Support Your Students In Choosing Their Medical Schools

Help students to make informed, strategic decisions when they're shortlisting Med Schools

Teacher Q&A: Phil Cue

18th February 2021

Dulwich College's Phill Cue explains how teachers can support aspiring medics seeking work experience.

How Teachers Can Help Students Secure Volunteering Opportunities

If you're a teacher, find out how you can help support your students' Medicine application.

Advantages Of Applying To International Medical Schools

8th January 2021

Thinking about applying to an International Med School? Here's some advice from Nicosia's Professor of Medical Education.

The Waiting Game And The Appeal Of International Medical Schools

7th January 2021

With the competitive process of getting into a UK Med School, International Med Schools could be an alternative.

Teacher Advice: Eton’s Director of Career Education On MMIs

7th December 2020

Eton’s Director of Career Education offers advice for teachers with aspiring medics preparing for upcoming Med School MMIs.

Preparing for MMIs: Advice from a Senior Tutor

Dr. Prakhar Srivastava is a senior tutor here at TMP - here's his guidance on how teachers can help students prep for MMIs.

Demystifying Medical School Interviews

2nd November 2020

The Medical School interview process can be tricky, but don’t worry! Dr. Arun Ramachandran, admission lead at Swansea, is here to demystify it for you.

Access Project: Interview Preparation Q&A

Ellie Baird from Access Project has been helping aspiring medics with their applications for years - in this Q&A blog she shares some of her tips.


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