What to do if you dont receive your offers

What To Do If You Don’t Receive Your Med School Offers

14th March 2019

From clearing to studying abroad, here are your options if you haven't received your med school offers!

4 rejections into 4 offers

5 Action Points to Turn 4 Rejections into 4 Offers

13th June 2018

Here's how to boost your application to turn rejections into offers!

Gap Year

5 Things to do on Your Gap Year to Boost Your Med School Application

6th June 2018

From volunteering to asking for feedback, here's your ultimate gap year checklist!

good UCAT score part 3

Reapplying to Medicine – My Experience

17th August 2017

If you didn't get the A-levels you were hoping for, you might be thinking about reapplying to medicine. One student shares their experience.

School students get their results on results day

Not Made it to Medical School? Your Next Steps

16th August 2017

Not met your offers for medical school? Don't worry - you can still become a doctor! Find out your next steps to reapply to medical school.


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