What to do if you dont receive your offers

What To Do If You Don’t Receive Your Med School Offers

14th March 2019

Not receiving your med school offers can be heartbreaking, but it needn’t be the end of the world. It’s understandable that you might feel a little disheartened considering the amount of effort and dedication putting together an application takes, but if you are still fixed on going down this route there are plenty of options…

4 rejections into 4 offers

5 Action Points to Turn 4 Rejections into 4 Offers

13th June 2018

The first time I applied to medical school I struggled to grasp the concept of receiving no offers, despite it being a very real possibility. The thought of four rejections is daunting and you may be thinking it’s the worst case scenario, but let me explain why it isn’t as scary as it first may…

Gap Year

5 Things to do on Your Gap Year to Boost Your Med School Application

6th June 2018

1. Get feedback from the universities you applied to If you’re planning to take a gap year, this is definitely the first thing you should do! Contact all the places you received a rejection from and find out exactly what it was that let you down – try to get as much information as you…

good UCAT score part 3

Reapplying to Medicine – My Experience

17th August 2017

If you’ve been unsuccessful in securing a place in medicine, it’s worth remembering that reapplying is always a viable option. Many students, myself included, have received offers at medical schools after reapplying, and in many ways, the experience will significantly strengthen your future applications. When did you reapply to medicine? I had unsuccessfully applied to…

School students get their results on results day

Not Made it to Medical School? Your Next Steps

16th August 2017

You may be at the receiving end of those horrible UCAS Track emails with the dreaded “unfortunately your application was unsuccessful…“. Alternatively, everything may have been going pretty smoothly up to the last hurdle: you’ve received your A-Level results and found out that you have not quite met your conditional offer. When you’ve worked so…


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