Careers in Medicine

David Brill Making a Medic

Q&A with David Brill – Author of Making a Medic

7th November 2019

We spoke to David Brill, author of Making a Medic about the inspiration behind his new book, the challenges facing aspiring medics and the advice he'd give!

How to Open Private Practice

Life After Your Medical Degree: How to Open a Private Practice

6th June 2017

About to finish your medical degree? Ever thought of running your own practice? Here are our top tips to consider to set up your own private practice!

GP Alternative Career Options

Working as a GP: Alternative Career Options

21st February 2017

Most GPs work regularly in the NHS, but it’s becoming increasingly common to seek opportunities to complement clinical practice. Find out more here!

What makes a good GP

What makes a good GP?

15th February 2017

What makes a good GP? In this blog, Dr Jessica Howitt details the key skills needed to be a good GP, from being open-minded to working independently.


A Typical Day in the Life of a GP

7th February 2017

Wondering what a typical day for a GP is like? In this blog, Dr Jessica Howitt describes her typical day, patient visits and daily tasks.


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