UCAT ANZ Isn’t Just For Australia And New Zealand

1st April 2021

You may not realise that by sitting the UCAT ANZ, you can also apply to UK UCAT unis!

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Which UCAT ANZ Test Date Should I Book?

2nd March 2021

You have a month in which to take the UCAT ANZ test - so which test date should you book?

5 Ways to Get Involved At Medical School in Australia

13th January 2021

A Med Student in Australia tells us their top tips for getting involved at Medical School.

8 Tips To Prepare For Medical School in Australia

5th January 2021

Worried about the transition to Medical School? Check out this blog for our helpful tips to help with the transition in Australia

UCAT Tutor

Studying Medicine in Australia: Expectations vs Reality

29th December 2020

A Med Student in Australia shares five expectations that they had for Medical School - and the reality of what it's actually like.

Med School

6 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Applying to Medicine in Australia

14th December 2020

One Australian Medical Student tells us the six things they wish they knew before applying to study Medicine

person researching laptop

Tips for Choosing Med Schools in Australia

11th December 2020

Ask yourself these five simple questions and you'll have your top Australian Med Schools shortlisted in no time

ucat anz

Tips For Starting Your UCAT ANZ Preparation

10th December 2020

We share our best tips on how to get started with your UCAT ANZ preparation - keep reading to find out more!

4 Things To Do Before Booking UCAT ANZ

1st December 2020

Thinking about taking your UCAT ANZ? Here are the key things you need to consider before booking your test.

7 atar tips

7 ATAR Revision Tips

14th October 2020

How do you pace yourself for ATAR revision? One student shares their best tips.


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