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Everyone no doubt at some point will have experienced procrastination – spending hours doing every other thing possible apart from the one thing you need to do.

Particularly during exam season, it can be very easy to put revision off and off until you end up with very little time left to do everything. With A-Levels coming up, here are some tips to help you avoid procrastination…

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1. Plan out your time and create a timetable

It can be very easy to avoid revision when you have a lot of work to do and it seems very daunting. If you break down what you need to get done and plan out when you are going to do it, it’ll make everything seem more manageable.

As soon as you get down to it and start doing some revision, tick off what you have done, and very quickly you’ll see yourself working through everything.

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2. Ensure you take lots of breaks

Make sure you don’t plan hours and hours of revision without any breaks, as it is very unlikely you will manage to do this. By scheduling lots of breaks, you will probably be much more efficient when you are actually revising as it’s less time to stay focused for.

During your breaks you can do the things you want to – like watching a show or scrolling through Instagram, and then during the time you are working, focus solely on revision.

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3. Set yourself rewards

One of the best ways I found to motivate myself during A-Levels was to have things to look forward to if I did a certain amount of revision. For example, meeting up with friends after a day of studying or watching my favourite programme after a morning of doing revision.

Give yourself small rewards each day. It’s much more enjoyable to watch a film or go out, knowing you’ve done the work you wanted to do rather than doing these things to avoid revision.

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4. Get off your phone!

I know this is easier said than done, but your phone is one of the biggest distractions during revision and a likely cause of procrastination. Allow yourself to go on your phone during breaks but try to avoid constantly looking at it when revising as it’s so easy to waste a lot of time doing this.

Personally, I would just leave my phone in another room when I was trying to revise. However, there are also apps that can help you stay focused on revision and ensure you don’t go on your phone whilst revising, for example, the app ‘Forest’.  

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5. Write down long-term goals

If you are finding it hard to motivate yourself and find yourself procrastinating lots, write down your future goals.

For example, the medical school you want to get into and the goal of becoming a doctor. This can help you remember why you are revising and why these exams are important.

And now: stop reading this blog and get back to your notes!

Words: Rachael Foulsham

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