4 BMAT Section 3 Tips

BMAT Section 3

As the BMAT is fast approaching, you may be worried about Section 3 – the essay writing section. However, don’t panic! Here are some top tips to help you in your preparation.

1. Plan!

In this section you have to fit your essay on one side of A4, so it is important that you plan the points you wish to include in the essay. This is so you don’t miss out anything important and your final paragraph finishes strongly rather than midway through expanding on a point.

One of the marking criteria of the BMAT measures how well a candidate has organised their thoughts. It is therefore important you write a well-structured and coherent essay – so a good plan is key!

2. Essay skeleton

Considering that you are pushed for both time and space it is important you stick to a basic plan or foundation for your essay. From experience, I believe this is the best skeleton to follow. The first paragraph of your essay should be a deconstruction of the quote and point being raised. The BMAT marking criteria marks you against how well you address the question demanded.

If there are three bullet points to be answered, it is important you answer each one in turn. Begin the essay by deconstructing the quote and giving your opinion on the topic here is also appropriate.

You should then move onto your next paragraph which should be either for/against. In order to keep within the page limit, I think raising three points for and against will suffice.

Your final paragraph should be balanced and finish strongly. In your practice, it goes without saying that you must practice writing full essays under timed conditions. You can read more tips on our BMAT Section 3 blog.

3. Add in some quotes

Since the BMAT essay is often geared towards ethics and science topics you could memorise some famous quotes from scientists, inventors and philosophers. The quotes can be generic as long as you are able to expand on them within the essay. However, don’t go overboard – space is limited, so only one or two.

4. Brush up on your spelling and grammar

Essay writing is not easy under time pressure and the BMAT markers also mark you on your written English which includes assessing your spelling and grammar.

I’m sure the spelling and grammar is something you are comfortable with by now, but it’s important to emphasise this since writing an essay in a rush can affect your spelling.

In addition, use different phrases to transition between points and keep your points as concise as possible. Read from some broadsheet newspapers/articulate blogs where you can pick up ideas on how to use your language more effectively.

Words: Hassan Ahmed


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