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Section 3 is very different from the rest of the BMAT exam as it doesn’t test your knowledge – it draws upon your skills to develop ideas and communicate them efficiently.

BMAT Section 3: The BMAT Essay

In BMAT Section 3, you’re required to write a short essay. This will cover one side of A4, but it can’t be any longer, so timing and technique are crucial.

You will be given a choice of three essays and you only have to answer one of these, but you’ll only get 30 minutes.

Each essay option is based on a short quote or statement. These can be scientific or medically-related but often aren’t. Typical examples might include a quote from Voltaire or Charles Darwin.

You will be expected to:

  • Explain the proposition, part of it or its implications
  • Produce a counter-argument
  • Reconcile the two sides

You may not be studying essay-based subjects, which can lead to a degree of trepidation. However, we have designed a clear and repeatable strategy for success in this section that you’ll learn in our BMAT Course – and we can review your BMAT essay practice, too.


Worried About The BMAT Essay?

We have a clear and repeatable strategy for success in this section!

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How To Prepare For The Section 3 Essay

Watch Daniel’s top tips for BMAT Section 3:

Bmat Section 3 Essay Tips

  • Plan essay questions. Outline the key points, plan contrasting arguments and list points to make in the conclusion
  • Practice writing concisely, with clearly articulated points
  • Ask others to review your work. Send your BMAT essays to us to review – they’ll get marked by an expert Medicine Tutor!
  • Read widely, to understand different arguments
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