Please note that the BMAT is now discontinued, and most universities will switch to the UCAT admissions test from 2024 onwards. See our comprehensive UCAT guide.

BMAT Section 3: The BMAT Essay

In BMAT Section 3, you’re required to write a short essay. This will cover one side of A4, but it can’t be any longer, so timing and technique are crucial.

Each essay option is based on a short quote or statement. These can be scientific or medically-related but often aren’t. Typical examples might include a quote from Voltaire or Charles Darwin.

Section 3 Scores

Your Section 3 BMAT score will be split into two.

You’ll score between one and five for the quality of the content of your essay. Five is the highest, and awarded to those who have addressed the question in the way demanded, organised their thoughts clearly, and used general knowledge and opinions appropriately.

You’ll also get a score from A to E for the quality of your written English. A is the best, and will be given to students who express themselves clearly using concise, compelling and competent English.


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Section 3 Essay Questions

You’ll get to choose from three essay questions in Section 3 of the BMAT. You must fill one sheet of A4 in the 30-minute timeframe.

Each question may seem totally different, but the reality is that you’ll do the same three things no matter what question you pick.

When writing your Section 3 essay, you will:

  • Explain the proposition, part of it, or its implications
  • Produce a counter-argument
  • Reconcile the two sides

You may not be studying essay-based subjects for A-Level, which can lead to a degree of trepidation. However, we have designed a clear and repeatable strategy for success in this section that you’ll learn in our BMAT Course – and we can review your BMAT essay practice too.

How To Tackle Your Question

When it comes to selecting the best question to answer, we recommend you choose the one that:

  • Has a statement you understand fully
  • Has a question that you understand fully
  • Covers a topic that you have good arguments and good general knowledge of

Once you’ve decided on the question, you should follow these steps:

  1. Write a clear explanation of the statement in one or two sentences
  2. Prepare your arguments and note them down
  3. Think about your conclusion
  4. Start writing once you have the structure planned

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Bmat Section 3 Essay Tips

  • Plan essay questions. Outline the key points, plan contrasting arguments and list points to make in the conclusion.
  • Practise writing concisely, with clearly articulated points.
  • Ask others to review your work. Send your BMAT essays to us to review – they’ll get marked by an expert Medicine Tutor!
  • Read widely, to understand different arguments.

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