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Many students consider studying medicine abroad. So why not think about the St George’s, University of London graduate-entry MBBS degree offered by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus?

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So – here are four benefits of studying medicine on this graduate-entry programme…

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1) You’ll get a degree from St George’s, University of London

Graduates of this programme are awarded a UK Primary Medical Qualification while studying in Cyprus!

Here’s what students from the UK have to say about their experiences…

“I studied both of my previous degrees in my hometown back in Scotland. With my medical degree I wanted to experience a new place and a new culture. Studying abroad whilst gaining a British qualification was the perfect option for me.”

Jennifer Yau, Class of 2019 (UK)

“I saw the St George’s programme as an amazing opportunity to get to immerse myself in a different way of life alongside my studies, believing I would be much richer for the experience. Not only am I living somewhere that is very foreign to me, but I also get the chance to study alongside people from all over the world, all with different knowledge and perspectives that enables us all to have a more rounded character which will be invaluable when we graduate and are practising medicine.”

Natasha Grace, Class of 2018 (UK)

2) There are Clinical Placements in Three Countries: United States, Cyprus and Israel

You’ll get the opportunity to spend the final two years of your degree at the Baltimore Washington Medical Center in the USA or at Limassol General Hospital in Cyprus.

US and Canadian students may also complete the final two years at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago while Israeli students can complete their final two years at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel.   

“Throughout my studies I have been exposed to specialties in various clinics and hospitals, both in public and private medicine, consistently being taught by consultants at the top of their respective fields.”

Jennifer Yau, Class of 2019 (UK)

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3) You’ll study an innovative curriculum  

The course is structured around problem-based learning and you’ll gain clinical experience from the first month! The curriculum is identical to the SGUL MBBS curriculum – even exams are taken at the same time as those in the UK.

“I have already learned so much, both in terms of clinical science and skills but also in the social side of medicine from both lessons and the diverse cohort that I am in. The core learning process of PBL is incredibly conducive to success and the emphasis on self-directed learning introduces accountability to us early on.”

Natasha Grace, Class of 2018

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4) 99% of our Graduates work at prestigious Medical Centres around the world

Our graduates have secured training positions in some of the best hospitals in the world, including John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, University College London Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, King’s College Hospital, Harvard-Massachusetts General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and many more. See the full list of our graduates’ training positions.

So – why not register for one of our upcoming open days?

Our Open Days offer a fun and engaging way to discover more about our world-class programmes, visit our state-of-the-art facilities and meet the people who have made our institution the largest medical school in Cyprus. Register Now!

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