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Tips for Keele Medicine Interview

Looking for top tips for a Keele medicine interview? You’ve come to the right place!

Interview format: MMI

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1. Know what your Keele medicine interview will involve

Keele state that they assess the following in the MMI:

  • Motivation / Experiences informing your decision to pursue a medical career
  • Empathy and Insight
  • Responsibilities and challenges of being a doctor
  • Awareness of ethical issues in health and society
  • Resilience
  • Comprehension
  • Effective communication

So practice questions on these topics!

Go to Medical School Interview Questions and Answer Guides>>

I’d also recommend re-reading your Roles and Responsibilities form before your Keele medicine interview – it portrays the skills and qualities you’ve recognised throughout your work experiences and what you’ve learnt from them. Be able to expand on each point you make as well as well as giving suitable examples.

2. Practice analysing ethical issues

As stated above, Keele will most likely have a station which assesses your knowledge of  ethical issues. It may seem daunting to answer such questions but with background knowledge of the four pillars of medical ethics, you’ll be able to apply them to any scenario you are presented with.

So – do your research! Here are some guides to get you started:

Then, once you’ve gained a further understanding of what they are, try practising answering some ethical questions with a friend or family member, as there input and opinion might help you to strengthen your answer. When trying to answer such questions, I recommend thinking from both sides of perspective rather than just strongly agreeing or disagreeing.

See answer guides to ethical scenario questions>>

3. Prepare for the maths test

A Keele medicine interview will involve a maths test of 20 questions in 30 minutes – and you must score a minimum of 5 to pass.

I recommend going onto the Keele website and trying the sample questions which they have released in order to expose yourself to the types of questions that might feature, and seeing which areas you could improve on.

Another top tip is to try to brush up on your conversions (eg. converting grams to milligrams) as this is what most of the questions are based on – your ability to be able to convert correctly and accurately.

Read more about how to do drug calculations>>

Good luck!

Words: Alisha Imran

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