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Looking for top tips for a Barts Medicine interview? You’ve come to the right place!

Interview format: Traditional

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The Barts interview aims to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and why you deserve to be given a place to study at this prestigious medical school. It is structured as a 10-15 minute panel interview, usually with two doctors or researchers and one medical student on the interview panel. However daunting this may sound, it is a really friendly interview and feels a lot more like a discussion. In fact, it was partly the interview and the generally friendliness of the medical school that encouraged me to choose Barts, and I have no regrets! Here are my top three tips to help you ace your interview.

1. Be able to answer common interview questions

As a fairly traditional medical school, the Barts medicine interview will involve some common questions. Before the interview, ensure you can clearly articulate why you have chosen to study Medicine and why Barts is your preferred medical school.

Make sure you have read up on the course structure and some of the fantastic opportunities available to you as a Barts and the London medical student. However, it’s also important to be aware of activities on offer at the university. Work-life balance and a sense of community are essential at Barts!

2. Read and understand the article before your Barts medicine interview

Around two weeks before the date of your Barts medicine interview, you will receive an email from the medical school with an article on an ethical issue or a ‘hot topic’ in medicine. At the interview, you will be expected to answer some questions regarding the article. I found annotating my article with the main issues and the pros and cons of each issue really helpful.

I would also recommend discussing the article with friends or family to make sure you really do understand it and are able to articulate what the article is about and your opinion on the issues raised.

3. Know your personal statement well

The Barts application process does not involve analysing or grading your personal statement until the interview. At the interview, you may be asked questions about any medical conditions or work experience mentioned in your personal statement, so make sure you know your personal statement thoroughly! If you have mentioned a book or journal article, ensure that you know it well and are able to discuss it. Again, practicing this with friends or family can be helpful.

The Barts interview will allow you to showcase your qualities and achievements, as well as illustrate your suitability for medicine. Take the time to build a rapport with the interviewers, answer the questions with enthusiasm, and, above all, enjoy it!

Good luck!

Words: Maria Ahmad

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