21st February 2022

A career in Medicine will take you on a rewarding adventure. Queen Mary is a global leading university, enhancing the international agenda through its unique students, research and public engagement profile.

Queen Mary University of London uses a mix of techniques, including academic performance/predictions, aptitude testing and interviews to determine whether you’ll be the right fit for pursuing Medicine in Malta. If you are dedicated, empathetic, resilient, well-organised and bright, then Medicine may be the right path for you.

10 Reasons To Consider Medicine At The Queen Mary, Malta Campus

  1. In Med School rankings, Queen Mary is one of the top 10 universities to study Medicine in the UK.
  2. The five-year MMBS programme in Malta follows the exact same curriculum as the one taught at Queen Mary in London – with the added adventure of studying abroad.
  3. At graduation, you will be awarded a Medicine MBBS from Queen Mary University of London.
  4. You will receive in-depth clinical experience, problem-based learning and practical experience from start to finish.
  5. The course is taught by leading academics from Queen Mary in London and elsewhere in the world.
  6. Your education will take place in a state-of-the-art Medical School, located in the grounds of Gozo General Hospital.
  7. The study groups are smaller, creating a more personalised support system, close mentoring and a friendly community.
  8. The academic and pastoral support prioritises your welfare and wellbeing.
  9. You can enjoy the sun 300 days of the year and benefit from the low cost of living in Malta.
  10. You’ll experience the best of both worlds – achieve your academic ambitions while also experiencing a new culture and way of life.

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What The Students Have To Say

Rachel, Year 1 Med Student:

“I knew Medicine would be a challenging degree, but the facilities provided in Gozo, Malta are excellent. Both teaching and non-teaching staff are always supportive and on hand to help.”

Yassir, Year 1 Med Student:

“Life in Gozo feels nothing short of an escapade into a Mediterranean island. It’s serene and really beautiful, but what feels even better is the amount of support you receive from the professors and the student-facing staff in particular regarding your studies.”

Amelie, Year 2 Med Student:

“I have never experienced such a good dynamic between staff and students. You feel supported and heard, and they will work with you to make sure that you reach your goals.”

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