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My desire to be a doctor stems from my motivation to apply scientific knowledge in a clinical setting to benefit others. My work experience and volunteering, personal experience and academic career have taught me that medicine is a lifestyle, not just a degree or job. These activities have enhanced my communication and team work skills, aptitude for science and maturity making me ready to commit to a career in medicine.

Work experience has given me an understanding of the realities of a medical career and most importantly confirmed I am motivated to work hardest when my actions positively impact others. While shadowing doctors for a week, I took particular interest in ENT, watching surgery to remove a middle ear cholesteatoma. Difficulties with the chosen technique necessitated a change in plan which the surgeon communicated clearly to the team, showing the importance of strong leadership in a multidisciplinary team and ability to cope under pressure.


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My interest in the pathology of the ear led me to do independent research, speak to patients and complete an EPQ comparing surgical techniques for cholesteatoma. This research showed the impact of treatment choice on quality of life. Volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Society for two years, I learnt how to communicate effectively with people with memory loss. This was particularly challenging as they often got upset and confused doing day-to-day tasks. I helped overcome this using positive body language, taking time to listen to concerns and working with the team to minimise distress.

Wanting to experience clinical aspects of dementia, I spent a day in a memory assessment clinic. I was inspired by how the GP provided not only diagnosis and treatment but also empathised and gave emotional support. I hope to carry these skills forward in a medical career, especially given the challenges the NHS faces with growing prevalence of dementia. Working in a care home, I have been further trained in dementia care, medication administration and first aid. I find my job there challenging yet hugely rewarding. Despite the unglamorous and emotionally difficult aspects, I can see the positive impact I have on the residents. Caring for a lady with OCD and complex medical needs required me to be flexible and adapt how I delivered her care to minimise her stress. This job has shown me the huge level of commitment and compassion required to work in healthcare.


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During my Medical Sciences degree, I gained interest in treatments for Type 2 Diabetes, specifically cardiovascular benefits of GLP-1 and the contribution of DPP-IV inhibitors to wound healing. This has taught me the significance of lifelong learning in a medical career and applying research to clinical scenarios. I have thoroughly enjoyed my degree, becoming an academic mentor and being awarded the Dean’s Commendation.

At school, I was a Prefect and Head of Pupil Support dealing with issues such as bullying requiring me to be approachable and trusted. As a Chemistry ambassador tutoring GCSE pupils, I learnt the importance of patience whilst explaining complex topics. I have gained invaluable experience from my education to help me make the most of studying medicine: teaching and learning from my peers, strong time management skills and motivation to maintain a good work ethic. I strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle as a keen tennis and university netball player, whilst being a committee member for the Watersports Society. I also play the piano to a high level which helps relieve stress.

I appreciate that studying medicine and a career as a doctor will be hugely intellectually and emotionally challenging. However, I believe I have the strength of character, motivation to benefit others and intellectual maturity to work through and overcome these challenges to make a true success of a medical career.

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