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My fascination with medicine has developed gradually through self-reflection and careful consideration of what it takes to be a doctor. Knowing that these individuals save lives and relieve the suffering of countless patients has been fundamental in attracting me to this role. My interest in problem-solving, passion for helping and caring, and research into the evolving world of medical treatment has solidified my desire to pursue medicine.

My work experience at the University Hospitals of Leicester provided me with further insight into the medical profession. I shadowed an Intensive Therapy Unit consultant where I observed two critically ill patients, one of whom died whilst the other made a full recovery. This event made me aware that doctors cannot always save the lives of their patients. I learnt of the importance of professionalism and bedside manners during several ITU ward rounds as concerned family members of patients needed to be assured that a high standard of care was being provided. The ward staff exhibited teamwork and coordination, skills that I have enhanced by volunteering alongside charity representatives of the British Heart Foundation, where close cooperation between staff is necessary in order to manage donations.


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Furthermore, my views on the importance of an empathetic approach to patients and respect for confidentiality were reinforced during my work experience at a GP practice, where I witnessed many consultations, all of which required patient consent for my presence and examinations carried out by the GP. Here I learnt of the patient-doctor relationship and the essential role of trust within this connection, as without trust, a patient may withhold sensitive information from their doctor, which could hamper their diagnosis.

I was struck by the difference in available resources compared to the NHS during my two-week hospital experience in Peshawar, Pakistan, where 39% of the population lives in multidimensional poverty. Experiencing Pakistan’s health system made me aware of how patients are managed in a resource-deficient setting. The contrast between the two health systems accentuated the value of NHS healthcare and the emphasis placed on patient safety.

Last winter I volunteered at a school for children with learning and physical disabilities, where I experienced a holistic approach to care. Interacting with children of varying levels of disability allowed me to exhibit skills in communication and adaptability as I learnt to tailor my style of conversation with the specific needs of each child. My confidence and communication skills have been advanced by undertaking the Grade 8 Speech and Drama Gold Award, which has amplified my impromptu speech delivery. This has sharpened my ability to make appropriate decisions in a short time frame, a dominant attribute of clinical decision making. Being the school Chemistry prefect has accentuated my ability to work in a team alongside teachers and other prefects in the school. I have also demonstrated leadership by teaching masterclasses to young students.


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Working towards the EPQ has equipped me with analysis and evaluation skills, which are paramount for interpreting data. Writing my project on the emerging obesity epidemic and its impact on the NHS stems from my passion for fitness and fuels my desire to expand my knowledge of healthcare. Health and fitness form the cornerstone of my extracurricular activities, as I am passionate about boxing and enjoy weightlifting with my friends. This aids my self discipline and ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

I am a self-motivated person who is stimulated by challenges, and strive to do my best in all endeavors I undertake. I recognise that being a doctor requires resilience as well as a lifetime of sincere commitment and self-development. I believe that I possess the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in this fruitful and dynamic role.

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