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NHS Hot Topics 2018-19

NHS Hot Topics 2018-19

If you’ve started your interview preparation, you’ll know that NHS hot topics are a key part of a medical school interview. So it’s important that you know your news!

This page will recap a couple of key medical hot topics for 2018-19. This is by no means exhaustive, just a selection of big news topics in medicine, including: the junior doctor contract, the Bawa-Garba case, artificial intelligence in Medicine and the impact of Brexit on healthcare.

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What will I be asked about current NHS issues?

In your interview, you may be asked about your opinion on a current NHS hot topic, or about the ethical implications of an issue – such as:

Not sure how you should answer these questions? See our NHS Hot Topics question and answer guides in our FREE Interview Question Bank>>

How can I revise NHS Hot Topics?

Make sure you’re up to date with current NHS issues – any recent developments in medicine and issues causing debate or controversy. At The Medic Portal, we publish a weekly news summary – you can sign up to get these delivered straight to your inbox here!

If you attend our Interview Course, you’ll also be given a copy of our Interview Course booklet. Over 22,500 words, it covers 22 NHS Hot Topics, including: the Junior Doctor Contract; the five new medical schools; GP services and primary care; the ageing population and social care; mental health; the Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans cases, and many more – so you’ll be all clued up for your interview.

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Where can I read more about current NHS issues?

Our NHS section covers many different challenges facing the NHS, including the ageing population; evolving healthcare needs, such as the increase in cases of obesity and diabetes, or antibiotic resistance; closure of local services due to centralisation drives and an increase in reliance on privatised services.

You can also read more about other topics in detail below:

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