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Thorough BMAT preparation is one of the most effective ways to improve your exam performance. That’s why we’ve developed this guide to BMAT preparation. It’ll help you develop a rigorous revision strategy, so you can make the most of your revision time.

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Boost your prep with a BMAT Course

BMAT Preparation Tips in 60 Seconds

This quick video offers some quick BMAT preparation tips:

BMAT Revision and Preparation: Past Papers

Unlike UCAT, BMAT is a physical ‘pen and paper’ test. So there are actual BMAT past papers – and that means you can try your hand at the actual exam from previous years.

Here’s how your BMAT preparation should look:

  1. Do some practice
  2. Try a past paper
  3. Identify weak spots and revise further
  4. Repeat until you’re confident

It’s possible to download Past Papers on the BMAT website, but you’ll have to try and mark your answers yourself. You may prefer to use our BMAT Question Bank instead, because you get instant feedback on your responses. You’ll even see the mark you’d have got in each year, so you can understand how your score looks to universities.

We also have plenty of practice questions for skill-building between past paper attempts.

More BMAT preparation tips:

  • Focus on weak areas. Some parts of the BMAT will be more familiar than others – but there are probably sections that you’ll struggle with. Don’t be afraid – confront your weak points as soon as possible!
  • Ask your teachers for help. Even after looking up the solution to a practice question, you may find some BMAT material difficult to understand. Reach out to a teacher (who teaches the particular topic) and ask for guidance.
  • Don’t neglect Section 2. Don’t fall into the trap of taking Section 2 for granted. Science and Maths might be your strong point, but it will be for other BMAT takers, too. You’ll need a really high score to stand out. Need extra help? Try our dedicated small-group teaching for Section 2.
  • Double-up UCAT prep for Section 1. BMAT Section 1 is probably unlike anything you have experienced at school. But if you’ve prepared for UCAT – and we guess you have – there is some significant overlap. So, there’s a great opportunity to double down on your UCAT Preparation.
  • Master the Section 3 formula. You’re not alone if you’re worried about the essay in Section 3. It could be on anything, right? Well, yes, to an extent. But we’ve got a step-by-step, formulaic way to tackle any essay question. We explain it all at our one-day BMAT Course

For more tips on using a BMAT practice test, visit our page on BMAT Past Papers.

Boost your prep with our BMAT Course

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