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Medical Personal Statement Review

As the first step in the get into medical school process, the UCAS application and subsequent medical personal statement submission are of critical importance. Many applicants struggle to fit in what they want to say in just 4,000 characters – often not enough to convey just how much you want to get into medical school, why you would make a perfect doctor and just how insightful your work experience was.

At The Medic Portal, we have reviewed countless medical personal statements, and we have a clear insight into what works and what doesn’t, what to include and how to best include it.

Our experts are at hand to help you re-draft and edit your personal statement, and subsequently improve your application. However, please note that we can’t write your personal statement for you!

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How does a Medical Personal Statement Review work?

Each specialist review is conducted by one of our expert tutors, all of whom have experience in tailoring medical personal statements, and who have successfully mastered the medical personal statement themselves.

The review enables you to make the most of your medical work experience, extra curricular activities and personal attributes in order to show medicine admissions tutors that you are a strong candidate and deserve an offer!

A full review by a current medical student costs £80, or £200 for an admissions tutor to review.

Our bespoke medical personal statement review service works in three simple steps:

  1. Submit your personal statement via the button below, or click here to submit now.
  2. We will receive and review your statement.
  3. We strive to return your statement and feedback within 48 hours (Mon-Fri) of your submission.
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Personal Statement Workshops

We are also offering FREE Personal Statement Workshops in a range of locations. Created by qualified doctors and education experts, these workshops are designed to help you write an excellent personal statement.

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