Small-Group BMAT - Targeted Teaching for Section 2 Science & Maths

NEW! Master BMAT Section 2 with regular, small-group teaching sessions.

This year, we’re running a series of two-hour online lessons, delivered by doctor-trained BMAT pros. These will cover everything that is in BMAT Section 2: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

Sign up now for all eight lessons, taking place weekly in the build-up to the 2020 BMAT exam. Due to the small group size, places are extremely limited.

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Teaching Schedule

The 2020 BMAT exam takes place on November 4th.

Sessions will run every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm, between August 12th and September 30th, 2020.

Each component – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths – will be covered in two sessions of 2 hours. That means 4 hours per component – and 16 hours in total!

Take a look at our teaching schedule and see how every lesson maps to BMAT modules.

Why Focus on BMAT Section 2?

BMAT Section 2 covers Science and Maths.

Since these are subjects that aspiring medics specialise in, average scores tend to be very high.

All the more reason to close any knowledge gaps and ensure that you can excel!

Doing well on these parts of the exam is essential to getting accepted to any BMAT university.

Targeted Teaching, Specifically for BMAT

We teach not only the subject matter – but, crucially, the way BMAT likes to use it.

Sessions are mapped against the BMAT syllabus, so teaching is targeted to boost your score.

GCSE level science might sound simple. But it gets a lot more complicated when information is presented in an unfamiliar way.

We’ll make sure you’re 100% BMAT-ready.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Sign up for the complete 16-hour package for just £480!

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