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Are you living in Singapore but considering studying Medicine in the UK?

The Medic Portal delivers expert UCAT, BMAT and Interview Courses. Officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine, we are trusted by hundreds of the UK’s top schools to guide their students through the medical school application process.

We have announced our Singapore 2019 dates below:

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Singapore Courses 2019

Singapore Bundle: 10% Off

Book all three courses and receive 10% off! Simply add the UCAT Course, BMAT Course and Interview Course to your cart and enter the code singaporebundle2019 at the checkout for your discount.

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27th July 2019: UCAT Course

You will have heard that the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) has replaced the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test) in Australia and New Zealand – and the UKCAT  has been renamed UCAT in the UK.

The Medic Portal is a global leader in preparation for the test, teaching thousands of students and trusted by hundreds of leading schools. We’re thrilled that we can offer our expert doctor-created resources to a new UCAT community!

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28th July 2019: Interview Course

The medical school interview can be the most daunting aspect of the medical school application process – but our Interview Course can help! On the day, you will be taught by an expert tutor techniques to tackle all types of medical school interview question, from MMI stations to medical ethics scenarios.

In our 2018 survey, 87.99% of TMP users who said they had a medical school interview went on to get an offer. And 92.06% of people said TMP helped with this outcome! (Survey size: 900+)

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29th July 2019: BMAT Course

A handful of UK medical schools require the BMAT. Created by qualified doctors and Oxbridge graduates, our BMAT Course is trusted by many top schools and aspiring medics each year. Our BMAT Course will teach you expert techniques for each section of the test:

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Online Tutoring for Singapore Students

Thinking of studying Medicine in the UK but not sure where to begin? The Medic Portal offers expert advice via online tutoring sessions. We can tailor these sessions to suit your needs – whether you’d like to cover UK entrance exams like the BMAT or UCAT, or want Interview advice – or all three!

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Get Into UK Medical School Resources

We have a wide range of resources on applying to Medicine in the UK. Try reading our 100+ page Application Guide, preparing for your UCAT or BMAT, or comparing different UK universities with our Medical School Comparison Tool.

You may also find it useful to read our UCAS International page. 

Singapore: Get Into UK Medical School Testimonials

‘My daughter has gone through the complete training package offered by The Medic Portal, including UCAT, BMAT and interview. And she landed three offers – from Imperial, Bristol and St George’s University of London. International applications are notoriously competitive, so the result speaks for itself!’

Eric, Singapore


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