Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Workshop

PBL Workshop
PBL Workshop

Following popular demand from our partner schools, The Medic Portal has created a unique Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Workshop to be delivered in-house in schools.

The workshop will provide a practical and engaging introduction to this unique style of learning used by many medical schools, which focuses on small group work, problem-solving and peer-to-peer teaching.

Our interactive two-hour workshop guides students through PBL, providing a task for them to complete in PBL style. Not only will this allow students to experience this style of learning first-hand, but will also enable them to develop key skills for medicine, including teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills.

Officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine, The Medic Portal engages with over 300, 000 aspiring medics every year and our courses are used by many schools and thousands of students around the world.

What can you expect from our PBL Workshop?

At our two-hour workshop, students will:

How many students can you accommodate?

To maintain a good tutor-to-student ratio, we provide sessions for up to 20 students – however, we are happy to run multiple workshops in a day if you have more than 20 students.

PBL Workshop: Booking

Are you a teacher interested in booking a PBL Workshop at your school? Get in touch with us today to book in your workshop!

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