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Doctor for a Day: Learning Experience for Children

Doctor for a Day
Doctor for a Day

Do you teach children aged 8 – 11? Are your students fascinated by the human body and how it works?

Delivered by qualified doctors, Doctor for a Day is The Medic Portal’s exciting new healthcare experience for children. Encouraging their natural curiosity and inquisitive thinking, the day will introduce the medical profession in an engaging and playful way through a range of interactive group activities – a truly unique and fun learning experience.

Inspiring potential young medics to develop an interest in science from an early age, children will leave the day with an understanding of basic first aid, the immune system, healthy living and the role of a doctor. This one-day event is designed to provide exciting insight into the medical profession, encouraging scientific curiosity, inquisitiveness and critical thinking.

Officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine, The Medic Portal engages with over 300, 000 aspiring medics every year and our courses are used by many schools and thousands of students around the world.

Doctor for a Day: Timetable

The day will consist of different sessions, led by qualified doctors, exploring first aid, fighting infection and healthy living.

The day closes with a simulated mini doctor clinic where children will take turns playing the role of patient and doctor to provide a fun and exciting introduction to the medical profession.

You can view a provisional timetable of the day below:

First AidThis session is designed to encourage scientific curiosity by exploring first aid. What happens when we get a cut? Why do we bruise? How do we treat a fractured arm?Children will learn all about managing and treating cuts, nosebleeds and fractures through activities such as fitting bandages and slings.
InfectionThis session explores how our bodies tackle infections, covering the basics of the immune system, antibiotics and germs.Children will explore how the immune system works through drawing, worksheets and interactive group tasks.
Healthy LivingA doctor's job involves educating patients about healthy living. This session explores the importance of this including personal hygiene, eating well, exercise and sleep.Children will create their own posters on healthy living and learn the importance of hygienic hand washing using ultraviolet equipment.
Mini Doctor ClinicIn the mini doctor clinic, children will take turns to play the role of patient and doctor.Children will be given various complaints covered during the day - from nosebleeds to a fractured arm - and will learn all about the medical profession using role play.

Doctor for a Day: Testimonials

“Our Year 6 girls really enjoyed their Doctor for a Day session. Our two doctors were incredibly approachable, knowledgeable and fun! The girls learnt a huge amount in such a short space of time and really enjoyed the practical sessions having a go at using steri-strips, slings and stethoscopes!”

Teacher, Wimbledon High School

Doctor for a Day: Booking

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