Canada: Get Into UK Medical School

Are you based in Canada but interested in studying Medicine in the UK?

The Medic Portal delivers expert UKCAT, BMAT and Interview courses for both international schools and international students who are considering applying to a UK Medical School. Now you can get the same training used by Eton, Harrow, Winchester – and many other world-leading schools!

The Medic Portal, in partnership with the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine, have previously joined forces with Barclay & Knapp to bring our step-by-step training tools to Canada.

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Online Tutoring for Canadian Students

Thinking of studying Medicine in the UK but not sure where to start? In addition to in-person events in Canada, The Medic Portal also offers expert advice via online tutoring sessions. We can tailor these sessions to suit your needs – whether you’d like to cover UK entrance exams like the BMAT or UKCAT, or want Interview advice – or all three!

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Get Into UK Medical School Resources

We have a wide range of resources on applying to Medicine in the UK. Try reading our 100+ page Application Guide, preparing for your UKCAT or BMAT, or comparing different UK universities with our Medical School Comparison Tool.

You may also find it useful to read our UCAS International page.


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