Small-Group BMAT - Targeted Teaching for Section 2 Science & Maths

A series of two-hour online lessons, delivered by doctor-trained BMAT pros, covering everything in BMAT Section 2: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Sign up for all eight lessons, taking place weekly after school from September 22nd to October 15th.

Delivered 100% Online

Get the ultimate BMAT Section 2 preparation from the safety of home.

Small Group Focus

Regular sessions will take place in small groups for maximum impact.

BMAT Science Mastery

We teach the subject and, crucially, the way BMAT likes to use it.

Boost Your BMAT Score In The Most Competitive Section

BMAT Section 2 covers Science and Maths. Since these are subjects that aspiring medics specialise in, average scores tend to be very high. All the more reason to close any knowledge gaps and ensure that you can excel! Doing well on these parts of the exam is essential to getting accepted to any BMAT university.


Targeted Teaching, Specifically for BMAT

We teach not only the subject matter – but, crucially, the way BMAT likes to use it. Sessions are mapped against the BMAT syllabus, so teaching is targeted to boost your score. GCSE-level science may sound simple. But it gets a lot more complicated when it’s presented in an unfamiliar way. We’ll make sure you’re 100% BMAT-ready.

Group 7

Small-Group Teaching Schedule

BMAT Small-Group teaching sessions will be run between September 22nd and October 15th, 2020 at 6pm-8pm.

LessonBMAT Modules
September 22nd: Biology 1Cells, movement across membranes, cell division and sex determination, inheritance, DNA, gene technologies, variation
September 24th: Biology 2Enzymes, animal physiology, ecosystems
September 29th: Chemistry 1 Atomic structure; the periodic table; chemical reactions, formulae and equations; quantitative chemistry; oxidation, reduction and redox; chemical bonding, structure and properties
October 2nd: Chemistry 2Group chemistry; separation techniques; acids, bases and salts; rates of reaction; energetics; electrolysis; carbon and organic chemistry; metals; kinetic and particle theory; chemical tests; air and water
October 6th: Physics 1Electricity, magnetism, thermal physics
October 8th: Physics 2Mechanics, matter, waves, radioactivity
October 13th: Maths 1Units, number, ratio and proportion, algebra
October 15th: Maths 2Geometry, statistics, probability
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BMAT Small-Group Section 2

  • 8 x 2-hour sessions
  • Sep 22-Oct 15, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered your common Small-Group BMAT Section 2 Teaching questions

Do you have in-person sessions?

We’re delivering our BMAT Small-Group Section 2 Teaching online in 2020, to keep students and teachers safe

Will small sessions be interactive?

Yes! You’ll be able to raise your hand (electronically) during the BMAT Small-Group Teaching sessions.

When do sessions take place?

Sessions run between Sep 22nd and October 15th, 2020. They happen between 6 and 8pm.

What happens after I book?

We’ll send you full details of how to join our BMAT Small-Group Teaching a couple of days before it’s due to start.

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