10th March 2021
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To be honest I never thought I would ever get an opportunity to go to Medical School, thanks to a variety of personal circumstances and some wrong career choices. I also got quite an underwhelming response from UK universities, which left me less than inspired.

I started to think about whether I should study Medicine abroad. Some may think it would be a difficult decision to make. They were wrong – it was an easy peasy decision!

Researching International Options

I started to extensively research my options. I knew I needed a course that was recognised by the GMC, which my parents kept bashing my ears about! I eventually narrowed my search down to the Caribbean.

There were several deciding factors for me – but obviously, the 365 beaches helped. More important was the official recognition of a university that was real and did what it said on the packet and taught in English! I wanted a medical school that offered me an opportunity to travel across the globe whilst realising my dream.


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Discovering AUA

I became aware of the American International College of Arts and Sciences (AICASA). I loved researching how it offered truly global clinical rotations through American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) in so many exciting places, including the UK, India, Canada, and the United States!

At American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine and American International College of Arts and Sciences – Antigua (AICASA), you get the opportunity to receive a pre-medical education and earn an Integrated MD degree.

Students at AICASA will earn the pre-medical requirements to enter AUA College of Medicine (COM)  and complete an MD degree. Plus, qualified AICASA graduates will seamlessly enrol in AUA COM once they meet the eligibility requirements!. AUA and AICASA are a part of Manipal Education Americas, LLC a division of Manipal Education & Medical Group.

I was also attracted by the encouraging fact that 91% of all students achieved residency in the US  – and that more than 3,000 Med Students have already gone through the system!

Applying To AUA

I decided to apply and within two days, I was talking to the UK Admissions Director, who happens to be UK-based and with a background in the NHS!

The ethos of the University meant that my application was considered as an individual. Despite there being no entry exams, the Admissions Director took my initial choice of A-Level Law into account and my previous GCSE’s.

I was able to “lift and shift” my UCAS paperwork across with minimal hassle, which helped immensely. Within two weeks, I had been interviewed and had a formal offer at AICASA for my pre-medical program for two years!

Once I’ve completed my pre-medical program, I’ll be starting my medical school at AUA on a programme that will take4.5 years to complete.

Scholarship Support

I was offered a generous contributory scholarship and an easy to manage payment plan, which helped the family considerably. My younger brother is even considering this as an option, with a view to enrolling next term.

Starting The Programme

I started the course online, due to COVID-19 restrictions – but I’m now bursting with excitement at the thought of travelling to the campus in August. Being part of the University’s UK WhatsApp group has helped me to make friends ahead of me landing in Antigua.

Tips For Studying Abroad

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, I’d advise you all students to ensure you have a comprehensive CV that has no gaps in timelines. I was encouraged to showcase and emphasize all my non-paid work and skills that I had taken for granted because they demonstrated were “key” attributes in qualities sought in medical professionals. I was told not to underplay my ability – and neither should you!. That was nice to hear.

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If you can’t wait until then, you can always email the Admissions Director Dee Narga directly, contact her on 07738512117 or visit our page for UK applicants.


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