Published on 28th March 2017 by lauram

“Why did you come back to study Medicine in Hong Kong?” This is a question I’ve often been asked, not only by my interviewers, but also by enthusiastic high school students who want to study Medicine.

At the time of my application, I was overwhelmed by the choices available and was considering whether I should go back to Hong Kong or stay in the UK. After receiving my IB results, I spent July and August carefully thinking about my choices, listing all of the pros and cons of going to a particular medical school. My decision changed every day, but eventually I settled on returning to study Medicine in Hong Kong. Here are my main reasons for choosing to study Medicine in Hong Kong:

1. Consider your future

It is important to remember that medicine is a vocation, and medical school is the first step of this lifelong journey. So where you attend medical school will have a big say as to where you will practise, start a family or even retire.

With this in mind, my first thoughts turned to my parents – would I want to live and work far away from them? The flight from the UK to HK is 12 hours – which makes a quick visit home quite difficult! I wanted to stay close to my family, so this was a major factor in my decision to study Medicine in Hong Kong.

Consider where you may want to live and practise in the future, and if Hong Kong appeals, perhaps studying there is right for you.

2. Financial consideration

‘Good medical students are not supposed to think about money!’ I hear you shouting defiantly. However, I’m talking about the affordability of going to medical school in the UK for 6 years.

For most middle class Hong Kong families, sending children abroad to study is financially difficult. Not wishing to burden my family even further (or collect huge debt to pay off after I graduate from medical school) also played a huge role in my decision making process, as studying in HK was the most affordable option for me.

3. Medical school is what you make of it

I came to realise that a large part of medical school is what you make of it. I became involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities at the University of Hong Kong and this has made my experience even better. For example, I got the chance to represent AMSAHK (the Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong) at a conference in Melbourne, which was an incredible experience.

I realised that, ultimately, how much you enjoy your time at medical school is determined by you – so whether you’re considering studying Medicine in Hong Kong or the UK, make sure you’re making the right choice for you.

Words: Charlene Chau


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