7th January 2019
The day before your interview can sometimes feel more stressful than the interview itself – no matter how many news articles you’ve read or how many interview questions you’ve practised, you may still feel unprepared. The reality is, you are probably already an interview expert by this point, and the most important thing to do the night before is to make sure you stay calm and are clear on tomorrow’s schedule. Here is a simple list of things that will help you keep a clear and calm mindset as you complete the final hurdle.

Written by Michele Chan

Check The Time Of The Interview Again

This might seem like an obvious point, but every year some students miss their interview just because they had the timings wrong, so this is definitely something worth double-checking the day before.

Some Medical Schools (especially for MMI-style interviews) will ask that you log in 15 minutes, or even 30 minutes before your specified time slot for a pre-interview briefing – if that is the case, make sure you take this into account as well.

Triple Check Your Setup

Given the virtual nature of interviews this year, Medical Schools will inform you of the software you will need for the interview process.

Make sure the software is downloaded, you have familiarised yourself and that it is running smoothly.  The day before your interview, have a go at a mock call with a friend or family, so you can get a feel of what the interview could be like.

If you want some more information on understanding the software used for interviews, check out our Online Interview Guide.



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Read Your Personal Statement Again

This might seem like a silly thing to mention. However, considering it has been at least three months since you wrote your Personal Statement and there have been all sorts of interview preparation in between, you might not have had the chance to read through it since its submission.

Taking 2-3 minutes to skim through your Personal Statement the night before your med school interview will help remind you of the things you mentioned in it.

Decide On What To Wear To Your Interview

No matter what the specified dress code is, plan what you will be wearing for your Medical School interview in advance to avoid last-minute panic.

The day before the interview, it’s advisable to take out the items of clothing, hang them nicely and make sure they are properly ironed. Virtual or not, you want to make a first good impression!

Get Some Rest!

Turning up to your interview being well-rested after a good night’s sleep is arguably the most effective preparation you can do the night before.

So, whatever you do, remember to sleep early.


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