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… and get into Medical School

How to revise for A-levels
How to revise for A levels

My dear aspiring medics, welcome to my latest blog!! Celebrations due, this is my seventh topic! Many amazing things come in sevens… seas, continents, the Harry Potter books. Anyway, I digress. Your friendly neighbourhood medic blogger is here, once again providing you with the one-stop-shop for all your mini medic needs.

Our topic for today is how to crack those nasty A levels that stand in the way of you being able to proudly say that you’re a medical student slash legitimately being able to say that Jeremy Hunt is actually trying to ruin your life…  (Not bitter at all)! Digressing again, what was I saying? Oh yeah, A levels.

You’ve got it in you!

I’m terribly sorry my little ones, it seems that whenever we have one of our chats it’s all doom and gloom, interviews and exams. However, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. By now you’ve all had your interviews and you’ve bagged an offer or two to one of the hallowed halls of medical education. There’s just one last gunman standing in the brutal Mexican standoff that is med school applications. Good news! The med schools already think you can get this offer. They’ve had a peek at your predictions and past exam results and so they know you’re one sharp cookie. All you have to do is prove them right by smashing those A levels and leaving secondary school far far behind.

Did well at GCSEs? Pah… Have a go at A levels

How do you defeat this monster you may ask? You’ve cracked exams before, you know the score (accidental rhyme alert). Sadly guys, these are a new kind of beast. Straight A* at GCSEs? Congrats m8, lots of applause. I promise your medal and parade are inbound. Unfortunately pumpkin, A levels require you to chow down more info than Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda. (If you didn’t get that reference you didn’t have a childhood, sorry to be the one to tell you).

Wanna know how to revise for A levels? Get started!

My advice is start now, if not properly revising then put the next three months down on a timetable. It’ll help what I call the ‘Oh $@#%!!!!’ factor sink in. Think to yourself what your weak areas are. If you were predicted A triple star in chemistry with a borderline A in biology and you have a AAA offer, maybe brush up on photosynthesis a tad yeah? Then you do what you do best, destroy those exams like Harry destroyed Voldemort (again, if you don’t get that reference I’m afraid I can’t help you).

How do you keep yourself motivated you may ask?

Well here’s what I did…

  1. Think that this is the last time you’ll have to do plant biology or inorganic chemistry again
  2. Give yourself lots of breaks to keep yourself fresh
  3. Realise that after this you’ve got three months of summery freedom and line up some fun treats for yourself. Remember the light at the end of the tunnel I talked about? Yeah that’s it
  4. If you smash it first time round you won’t have to endure the mental agony that is resits
  5. Come September you’ll be learning stuff you actually care about, surrounded by friends that you’ll have forever whilst having the time of your life

Honestly guys, med schools don’t just give an offer to everybody. If no-one got their offers they would look slightly stupid with empty lecture theatres (plus the government gives them less cash) so relax!! Just think that in 3 months’ time it’ll all be over and you’ll be on your way to saving lives and taking names. But for those 3 months be the good little nerd I know you are and bury your nose in those books. I believe in you!!

Medic love, T

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