26th June 2023
Before you start taking mock exams as part of your UCAT prep, it’s useful to understand how accurate they are compared to the actual UCAT test.

What Are UCAT Practice Tests?

UCAT practice tests are full two-hour, computerised mock exams, created to emulate the experience of sitting the real test. These differ from Question Banks in that they provide the experience of sitting a full UCAT test and result in a score out of 3600, plus a band for Situational Judgement, rather than a continuous stream of practice questions.

Companies such as The Medic Portal, Medify and Medic Mind (amongst others) provide full mock exams for the UCAT. There’s more information below on how to choose the best mock exams for you.

Advantages Of Taking UCAT Practice Tests

It’s a good idea to start off your UCAT prep with a practice test (untimed) so that you know what to expect.

When you have an idea of what the UCAT entails, you can begin more intensive preparation – then revisit mocks under timed conditions a couple of weeks before your test date to see what level you are working at.

But Remember…

Some practice tests will have disadvantages. For example, practice tests that are too easy or too hard can lead to complacency or unnecessary anxiety and are a waste of both time and money.

Also, some may not accurately reflect the real format of the UCAT, leading to an unpleasant surprise on test day. The function of practice tests is to give you a feeling of preparedness – not to cause hesitancy and anxiety!


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How To Choose A UCAT Practice Test

Multiple companies offer Question Bank subscriptions which include UCAT practice tests, and it can feel impossible to decide which one is the best for you.

Ultimately, a good practice test should have the following features:

  1. It should reflect the appearance of the real test. While the content of the questions is everybody’s main focus when preparing for the UCAT, there is little point in using a question format that isn’t reflective of the real test. If the calculator, flag function and timer are not in the correct location on the screen of the practice test, this will be off-putting on the day.
  2. It should contain every subtest. A practice test that only contains certain subtests will not give you an accurate picture of where you are up to in your preparation.
  3. It should contain the same number of questions as the real test. We all know that timing is the most difficult aspect of the UCAT – so mock exams are only useful if you have the opportunity to complete the correct number of questions in the correct amount of time.
  4. It should provide you with a score out of 3600 at the end, plus a band for your SJT.
  5. It should provide in-depth explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. Understanding why an answer is wrong is just as important for your learning as getting answers right.

Which UCAT Practice Test Is The Most Accurate?

So, which UCAT practice test is the best? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this.

Luckily, many companies will provide a small number of free sample questions for you to try before you decide to subscribe and pay. Make sure you cross reference these free sample questions with the practice questions on the official UCAT website to ensure they are an accurate depiction of what to expect on the day (in terms of both layout and difficulty).

It is also a good idea to ask current medical students what resource they used and whether they would recommend it.


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