Published on 22nd January 2020 by Roya

Whilst medical school may not entirely be all fun and games, there are certainly a few people out there with a sense of humour to help you get through those tough times.

As a little pick-me-up for all of you still on your journey towards med school, here are some things to look forward to in September!

1. Are you even a med student unless you tell everyone you’re a med student?


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2. When you don’t even know what you’re having for lunch today


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3. Please don’t eat the help

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4. Looking back at the first week like: “oh silly, silly, naive me.”

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5. When you haven’t looked at your bank account in 2 weeks


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6. When your brain is in absolute overload

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7. If you squint hard enough…


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8. When you forget to practice what you preach


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9. When you say you’ll close your eyes for just a second…


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10. *laughs in crazy*


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Lastly, wherever you are in your med school application process, remember:

tibia ok


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