Five Funny Medical School Jokes

Whilst Medical School may not entirely be all fun and games, there are certainly a few people out there with a sense of humour to help you get through those tough times. So, as a little pick-me-up for all of you bright young things on the verge of nervous breakdowns over your Medical School interviews, we thought we’d lighten the mood with a few Medical School funnies!

Read on, sweet Medical School applicants, and enjoy all that you have to come!

1. Being a junior doctor at Medical School

“Someone forgot that MRIs are giant magnets”…

someone forgot MRIs are giant magnets


2. At some point, this thought will pop into your head:

“I can’t revise for this. The questions are stupid. What am I meant to do if a patient adds me on Facebook? IDK, THIS IS NOT THE FACTUAL SCIENCE THAT I AM USED TO REVISING.”

Source: BuzzFeed

3. Let the Medical School assessments begin!

i love colouring kid

Source: meme generator

4. After years at Medical School, you’ll find things like this hilarious:

drug free workplace

Source: Facebook

5. Looking forward to Medical School graduation…?
graduation gowns

Source: Funny Medical Jokes


So with that, we bid you good-bye for the Christmas holidays! Remember, no matter what happens:

tibia ok


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