UCAT Test day tips

How To Reach For Top Grades This Summer

7th May 2021

Our Head of Academia shares three tips for how you can work towards top grades

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2021 Grades Update – And What It Means For Your Application

26th February 2021

Find out what’s happening with exam grades this summer, and what it means for your Medicine application.

Exam Cancellations: What About Private Candidates?

28th January 2021

Last summer 5,000 private candidates were left without grades. Our Head of Academia explains how this year is different.


Update: Teacher Assessment For GCSE and A Levels

18th January 2021

The government is exploring whether externally set assessments can be used in place of exams this year. What does this mean for you?

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What to Do if You Didn’t get the GCSE Grades You Wanted

22nd August 2019

GCSE Results Day can be quite stressful in the run up and if you don't get the GCSE grades for medicine that are required. Here's what you can do.

how much do gcse grades matter

#AskAMedStudent: How Much Do GCSE Grades Matter?⠀

18th April 2018

In this post, Masumah explores how important GCSE grades are when applying to medicine.

GCSE Reform

30th August 2017

The government has introduced a new scoring system for GCSEs in England, where exams will be scored from 1 to 9


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