Should I Do UCAT or BMAT (or Both)?

6th May 2022

Find out the key differences between UCAT and BMAT to decide which Medicine admissions test you should take.

interim ucat scores 2021

BMAT 2021 Scores Released – What’s Next?

6th December 2021

The 2021 BMAT scores have been published - so what should you be doing right now?

Last Minute Revision Tips

6 Last Minute BMAT Revision Tips

22nd October 2021

Find out how to make the most of your final preparation for the upcoming BMAT

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How I Scored 4.5A In BMAT Section 3

21st October 2021

Discover how St Andrews student Kirsty was able to get such a high score in the BMAT essay

BMAT section 2 score

How I Scored 5.7 In Section 2 of BMAT

14th October 2021

Section 2 of the BMAT trips up many test-takers - but not Shivank, who scored 5.7 in his test!

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How I Scored 7.1 in Section 1 of BMAT

5th October 2021

Find out how this Imperial student was able to get a Section 1 score that placed her in the top 2% of test-takers in 2019!

Waiting for medical school offers

How I Got A Top BMAT Score

30th September 2021

Find out how this Imperial Med Student was able to secure a BMAT score in the top 5% in 2019

Why I Chose To Sit BMAT & UCAT

23rd September 2021

Ria explains why she chose to sit both the UCAT and BMAT last year - and how it maximises your chances of getting into Medical School

BMAT Advice from An Imperial Professor

5th October 2020

Are there BMAT-takers in your classroom? Here’s what an Imperial professor wants you to know about BMAT and how you can help your students prepare.

BMAT 2020: Testing Moves Online

24th September 2020

BMAT takers should be aware of the changes being made to the exam, such as testing being digital this year - here’s what you need to know.


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