3 Things To Do The Day Before BMAT

12th October 2022

Make sure you do these 3 things the day before your BMAT exam to get organised and stay calm.

BMAT section 2 score

How I Scored 5.7 In BMAT Section 2

28th September 2022

Discover how this Imperial student managed to achieve a score of 5.7 in BMAT Section 2.

BMAT Section 2 Tips

4 Preparation Tips For BMAT Section 2

27th September 2022

Use these tips to organise your prep for BMAT Section 2 and make sure you maximise your score.

things before med school

How I Scored 7.1 In BMAT Section 1

Find out how this Imperial student was able to get a BMAT Section 1 score in the top 2% of test-takers.

BMAT Section 1 Tips

5 Preparation Tips For BMAT Section 1

26th September 2022

Follow these tips to make sure you're fully prepared for BMAT Section 1 and achieve a good score.

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How I Scored 4.5A In BMAT Section 3

22nd September 2022

Discover how St Andrews student Kirsty managed to achieve a high score for her BMAT Section 3 essay.

BMAT Section 3

5 Preparation Tips For BMAT Section 3

Use these tips to get ready for BMAT Section 3 and elevate your score in this part of the exam.

Waiting for medical school offers

How I Got A Top BMAT Score

31st August 2022

Discover how this Imperial Med Student was able to get a BMAT score in the top 5% of her year.

Last Minute Revision Tips

6 Tips To Plan Your BMAT Revision

Find out how to plan your BMAT revision and make a timetable that will help you score highly.

6 BMAT Tips To Score Highly

Not sure how to start your BMAT preparation? Here are our top 6 prep tips to help you score highly in all sections.


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