UCAT BMAT exam study

BMAT vs UCAT: Which One Is Harder?

10th November 2023

The BMAT and UCAT both test a range of skills, as well as knowledge and aptitude of aspiring medical students - but which is considered harder?

3 Things To Do The Day Before BMAT

12th October 2023

Make sure you do these 3 things the day before your BMAT exam to get organised and stay calm.

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How I Scored 4.5A In BMAT Section 3

22nd September 2023

Discover how St Andrews student Kirsty managed to achieve a high score for her BMAT Section 3 essay.

BMAT Section 3

5 Preparation Tips For BMAT Section 3

Use these tips to get ready for BMAT Section 3 and elevate your score in this part of the exam.

Waiting for medical school offers

How I Got A Top BMAT Score

15th August 2023

Discover how this Imperial Med Student was able to get a BMAT score in the top 5% of her year.

Last Minute Revision Tips

6 Tips To Plan Your BMAT Revision

Find out how to plan your BMAT revision and make a timetable that will help you score highly.

6 BMAT Tips To Score Highly

13th July 2023

Not sure how to start your BMAT preparation? Here are our top 6 prep tips to help you score highly in all sections.

BMAT Test Scrapped: What Will Happen At BMAT Unis From 2024?

12th July 2023

Find out why the BMAT is being discontinued in 2024, what BMAT unis will do and what this all means for your Medicine application.

BMAT section 2 score

How I Scored 5.7 In BMAT Section 2

28th September 2022

Discover how this Imperial student managed to achieve a score of 5.7 in BMAT Section 2.

BMAT Section 2 Tips

4 Preparation Tips For BMAT Section 2

27th September 2022

Use these tips to organise your prep for BMAT Section 2 and make sure you maximise your score.


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