BMAT Advice from An Imperial Professor

5th October 2020

Are there BMAT-takers in your classroom? Here’s what an Imperial professor wants you to know about BMAT and how you can help your students prepare.

BMAT 2020: Testing Moves Online

24th September 2020

BMAT takers should be aware of the changes being made to the exam, such as testing being digital this year - here’s what you need to know.

BMAT Section 1: Top 4 Tips

27th August 2020

BMAT Section 1, also known as the Aptitude and Skills section, may feel tricky as you begin your preparation. Here are some solid tips to help you.

5 BMAT Preparation Tips

5 BMAT Preparation Tips

How is your BMAT preparation going? We've got 5 great preparation pointers that will help you feel ready and super confident for all sections of your BMAT exam.

6 BMAT Tips to Score Highly

Not sure how to start your BMAT preparation? Don't worry! Here are our top 6 preparation tips to help you score highly in all sections of the BMAT exam.

What do the BMAT changes mean for me?

Sitting BMAT this November? There have been changes to how BMAT will work this year...

Students revising for BMAT

Top Six Tips for Passing the BMAT

26th August 2020

BMAT is a two-hour test required by some UK universities. Read on to find out six tips you can use to boost your score and pass the BMAT.

Balancing BMAT and A-Levels

How to Balance BMAT and A-Levels

Sitting BMAT this November? Here’s how to really prepare for it whilst also ensuring you do not neglect your A-Level studies in the process!

Last Minute Revision Tips

6 Last Minute BMAT Revision Tips

With the BMAT exam looming, it's important that you make the most of your final preparation. Here are some top tips!

BMAT Results 2018

BMAT Results 2019

23rd November 2018

Want to know how your BMAT results compare to everyone else's? Find out here!


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