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Asynchronous Medical Interviews

Asynchronous Medical Interviews

4th December 2023

Innovative medical schools have transitioned their MMIs into an asynchronous interview process. Read on for everything you need to know about you asynchronous virtual medical interview!

All I Want For Christmas Is A Medicine Interview

24th November 2023

Hear from Swansea University with their 8 top tips on how to prepare for a medicine interview.

Humanitas University: Choosing Your International Medicine Degree

20th November 2023

As an aspiring medical student, Humanitas University can be your start to a great future.

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The Challenges And Rewards Of A Rural Medical Placement

4th August 2023

Hear about the experience of a UCLan medical student on a rural placement in the UK, including what she found difficult and rewarding - plus her tips for getting the most out of it.

The Importance Of Scoring Well On English Language Tests For International Medical Education

12th July 2023

This blog from SGU explains the IELTS and its significance in international medical education.

Nursing To Medicine: Taking The Leap As A Graduate Student

9th May 2023

Hear about the experience of a medical student at UCLan who went from working as a Nurse to studying Medicine.

The Importance Of Graduate Residency Match Rates When Comparing Medical Schools

24th April 2023

This blog from SGU shares three things to consider when you're thinking about residency opportunities for the future.

Your Study Options To Become A Doctor

13th April 2023

This blog from Swansea University explains the different study options you have if you want to become a Doctor.


Choosing Humanitas University Can Jumpstart Your Future

31st March 2023

Find out how Humanitas University is training doctors for the future with its unique MEDTEC degree programme.

How Do You Know If Medical Training Is The Right Choice For You?

7th March 2023

Discover the key points to consider when you're thinking about a career in Medicine in this blog from UCLan.


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