Offer 5 Things To Do Next

Got an Offer? 5 Things To Do Next

30th March 2017

After long hours of work experience and volunteering, you've finally got that med school place. Here are our top five tips on what to do next!

Things to consider when choosing a medical school

4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Medical School

14th March 2017

Which factors should you consider when selecting a medical school? Our writer Katie Hodgkinson details her top tips on how to make your university choices.

Medical Student Reading

The Prospective Medical Student’s Reading List

9th March 2017

Year 12 is a good time to get ahead on your Personal Statement reading - this blog includes a list of books to give you an idea of what Medicine is like.

Medicine EPQ

How to Get an A in your Medicine EPQ

2nd March 2017

Want to study Medicine at uni and working on your Extended Project Qualification? This blog will detail how to get an A in your Medicine EPQ.

2018 Medicine Application

Preparing for your 2018 Medicine Application: Part Two

23rd February 2017

From starting to think about universities to drafting your medicine personal statement, here's how to start preparing for your med school application.

Medicine Applications 2018 Entry

Preparing For Your 2018 Medicine Application: Part One

16th February 2017

Preparing for your medicine application? Read our top tips on how to strengthen each aspect of your application to make it the best it can be!

A-Levels for Medicine

How to Choose your A-Levels for Medicine

9th February 2017

Are you studying for your GCSEs and trying to choose your A-Levels? This blog will guide you through how to choose your A-Levels for Medicine.

Coping with A-Levels and Applying to Medicine

Coping with A-Levels and Applying for Medicine

17th January 2017

Wondering how to cope with A-Levels and applying for Medicine? Our blog gives our top tips on how to manage your workload, social life, UCAS and revision.

Girl celebrating a-level results

How To Celebrate Your A-Level Results

18th August 2016

Got the A-level results you needed? Hooray! Time to relax after all that hard work and read some top tips on how to unwind before before Medical School

Medical Schools & AS Levels For 2018 Entry

24th May 2016

How will Linear A Levels affect your medical school application? Find out now!


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