18th May 2023
Are you thinking about doing a UCAT course as part of your preparation for the test? This blog sums up all of the key things you should consider when it comes to UCAT courses.

Should I Do A UCAT Course?

Doing a UCAT course can be a great, time-efficient way to kickstart your UCAT preparation. You’ll learn theory and strategies for every section of the UCAT in just one day. You’ll also be able to learn from an expert tutor who excelled in the test.

By covering all of the essential theory and strategies in one day, UCAT courses can save you time. You won’t need to sift through the overwhelming number of online resources out there to try and find the best information yourself.

Overall, the aim is to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the test and how to prepare for it. You should come away from a UCAT course with a good idea of what to do next and how to achieve a good UCAT score in every subtest.

However, although it can certainly be beneficial for your prep, doing a UCAT course is not an absolute necessity for everyone. For example, if you prefer to learn independently and in your own time, you might prefer to do a self-paced online UCAT course instead. Or if you feel like you would benefit from more one-to-one, personalised support, you might want to consider getting a UCAT tutor. Of course, both of these can be done in addition to a UCAT course as well.

You might also have financial considerations which mean that a UCAT course is not a feasible option for you. In this case, you may want to focus on using free UCAT resources and a cost-effective Question Bank.


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How Do UCAT Courses Work?

At The Medic Portal, we run UCAT courses throughout June, July and August. You have the option to attend a course in-person or live online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

The course runs from 10am until 5pm, and strategies for every subtest are covered in sessions throughout the day. Attendees also use an electronic keypad to answer UCAT questions anonymously during the course. There are scheduled morning and lunch breaks to ensure that students remain focused.

By the end of the day, you should have a solid understanding of the UCAT exam and feel confident to take the next steps in your preparation!

Which UCAT Course Is Best?

Apart from The Medic Portal, other UCAT course providers in the UK include Medic Mind, UKCAT People and MedEntry.

At The Medic Portal, we are trusted to teach UCAT at top schools around the country. We also have a Feefo platinum award for 5* customer reviews.

With TMP, you can choose to attend courses in-person or live online. Many providers only offer one of these options – not both. We also offer courses in EST time for UCAT ANZ, so test-takers around the world can access the resources they need to conquer the UCAT!

In addition to all of this, there is a post-course masterclass included with our UCAT course for every attendee. You can use this two-hour masterclass to gauge your progress since you took the course and ask any questions that you have thought of since starting your prep.

What Else Should I Do To Prepare For The UCAT?

It’s important to understand that just doing a UCAT course by itself is not enough to prepare you for the UCAT exam. It’s a good way to kickstart your preparation – and to really get the most out of it, you’ll need to put the theories and strategies you learned from the course into practice.

Work through as many practice questions as you can to find out where you are doing well and where you are missing the marks. Are you repeatedly getting a certain type of question wrong? Are you struggling with time in a particular section more than others? Concentrate on your weaknesses and use the tricks you learned from the course to tackle them.

If you are still struggling, you might want to get some extra guidance from a UCAT tutor to refine your strategy and boost your score. Our UCAT prep packages allow you to combine a UCAT course with practice questions and one-to-one tutoring, so you can get all the help you need to ace the UCAT.


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