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PART 2 – Being a medical student: Thursday to Sunday

Welcome back to Part 2! Here’s the second half of the story all the silly shenanigans I got up to as a KCL Medicine Student, from Thursday to Sunday (see here for the riveting Part 1 of my little tale). Read on and see what joy and festivities you’ll be able to enjoy as a medical student!


I spent my Thursday attending hours upon hours of lectures, with the theatres crowded with many a bleary-eyed medical student. The limbo time between lectures was peppered with a few hours at a time in the library. Thrilling. In the evening I attended cardiology society and swimming & water polo committee meetings. Odds are I’ve said this before – and I’m sure you’ve heard it from many other medical students too – but clubs and societies (ya know, social stuff) are a great way to meet people, get support networks and learn things you never could inside the normal curriculum – so join up!


Friday was a pretty full-on day. 4 hours of dissection, 2 feedback tests and a private tutoring session with an aspiring medical student just like yourself! I find the best way to avoid worrying if you’re doing too much stuff is to keep yourself so busy that you don’t think about it at all.

I then had a water polo match against the old boys and girls. Now, I had planned a really early wake-up on Saturday morning so any sort of alcohol fuelled booze-up was out of the question, however a bunch of drunk young professionals reliving their uni glory days and remembering the joys of being a medical student had other plans. Being social secretary of my swimming and water polo club, I’m expected to comport myself in a certain fashion. So, having consumed a reasonable amount of booze I escaped and crashed at home, preparing myself mentally for Saturday.


IT’S THE WEEKEND BABY!!! Right? Right? Wrong. A 6am wake up, a large flask of coffee and a train to Birmingham awaited me. I ventured north of the M25 to run a series of mock interviews, again part of my out of university job. Normally this is an absolute joy, however having had a busy week already my brain was refusing to cooperate. Through my travels I’ve found these situations have only one solution – drink enough coffee that your brain forgets that you’ve had an average of 5 hours sleep for the last couple of weeks and is ready to mould the minds of you lovely people. I’m happy to say my caffeine-fuelled self was up to the task.

I then went home for a late birthday dinner with the family in a gastro pub and to get some serious snoozing done.


‘And on the seventh day he rested’ – I decided to make these words my motto on Sunday and slept for a decent 12 hours straight. You may judge me, but in the state I was in before my hibernation I doubt I would have cared, or even heard you. I then trained back into London to play crazy golf with my highly competitive girlfriend in the tunnels under Waterloo.

Crucial tip: even though you may be a busy little bee, always find time to relax. It’s key to recharge your batteries, if you don’t you run the risk of burning yourself out. Always find some time for yourself, trust me. The best doctors and medical students I know have a hobby entirely separate from their job that lets them properly relax, so that they can come back the next day on top form. Must be something to it, am I right?

Thus concludes the 7th episode of my moments of mini medic madness, keep your eyes wide open for the next one! 

Medic love, T

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