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5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated at the End of Term

The winter term is always the most tiring and by the last few weeks, it can be tough to stay motivated and not switch to holiday mode early. However, it is possible to keep a balance of getting into the holiday mood and staying motivated.

Your future self will definitely thank you for keeping on top of work right up until the holidays! Here are 5 top tips for staying motivated at the end of term.

1. Stick to your normal routine

As it gets towards the end of term it can be difficult to stick to your normal routine. It is the end of a long and hectic time and there is the temptation to spend your time getting caught up in the festivities of the winter season rather than sticking to your normal work routine. However, sticking to your normal routine can provide motivation, if you slot in some ‘rewards’ for yourself so that you have something to look forward to.

For example, you might arrange to see friends or go to a festive activity one evening. Try to keep to working as per your normal routine, otherwise you will find it even harder to fit everything in.

2. Try to do any assignments before you go home for the holidays 

You might just want to unwind at the end of term, but it is well worth doing any work that has been set before you head home/ officially break up for the holidays. There is nothing worse than having work on your mind over the holidays when you just want to be relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends.

If you can think ahead a few weeks, this should help to motivate you to get all your work and assignments done before the start of the holidays. You will definitely be grateful to your past self for lightening your workload over the holidays once they are upon us!

3. Make a plan

If you find yourself distracted and struggling to stay focused on any work at the end of term, try to make some kind of plan. This might take the form of a timetable for yourself, or a simple list of goals of work to get done for each day. Don’t forget to factor in fun activities and relaxing time for yourself, otherwise you won’t be inclined to stick to it.

A good plan should be achievable but also encompasses all of the tasks that need doing. If you are goal orientated, give yourself small tasks to tick off. This can help you by breaking up your workload into smaller chunks.

4. Treat yourself

It is approaching the end of term after all! Especially if there are more fun things going on than normal, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to going out or trying new things, or even just taking a break to watch a Christmas movie.

Cut yourself a little slack at the end of term and appreciate that you are tired after many weeks of hard work. Treating yourself will help to keep yourself in a good mood and will give you additional motivation to keep working and get everything done.

5. Think about the bigger picture

It can be easy at the end of term to get caught up in feeling tired and just wanting it to be the holidays already. But think about the bigger picture and why you are doing what you are doing.

If you are at school, you might have chosen your GCSEs or A-Levels because you really enjoy them, or to help you to get onto a course (maybe medicine) that you want to do in the future. Perhaps you are already at medical school and feeling a little bit demotivated at the end of a long tiring term.

Think about your original motivation for doing what you are doing and try to hold onto that. It can be easy to lose sight of when you are so close to the holidays but by taking a step back and thinking about why you are here, you can find some motivation to sustain you till the end of term.

Almost everyone experiences a dip in motivation at the end of term when it is getting close to the holidays. Remember your original motivation, let yourself get into the holiday mood and give yourself a break. This will help you stay motivated and focussed at the end of term.

Words: Safiya Zaloum

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