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With the UCAS October 15th deadline fast approaching we know you will all be working hard on preparing your applications. Aston Medical School have provided some handy tips on the final checks you should make before you press submit.

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1. Use your choices wisely

Applying to medical school via UCAS means that you have a limit to the number of schools you can apply to. Applicants get four medical and one non-medical option, so you need to ensure that each one counts. Make sure to check each school’s entry requirements carefully. You don’t want to waste one of your choices on a school that isn’t suited to you or your needs!

2. Make sure you have done your research

This follows on from tip one. How can you make the most of your choices? Research! It can be handy to make a list of all of the things you want out of your medical school experience and then you can narrow down your choices from there. Is studying at a research intensive institute really important to you? Do you want to be based in an exciting city? If so note them as ‘must haves’ on your list and see which of your medical school options meet your key criteria. 

3. Make the most of your personal statement

Your personal statement is just that – personal to you. It is your opportunity to tell your schools of choice why it is you want to study medicine. Be honest: what is it about the subject that excites you? Why, out of all of the careers you could pursue, do you want to study medicine? Your personal statement is also a great opportunity for you to expand on any work experience you may have had. Not quite sure how to do this? There are lots of resources available like The Medic Portal’s Personal Statement guide, or Aston Medical School’s Advice Zone.

4. Proof read!

When you spend a lot of time on something you can sometimes become a bit too close to it, which can lead to mistakes. So make sure you get your application, particularly your personal statement, proof read. You could ask someone in your school, your parents or even a friend. It’s really helpful to get other people’s perspective, feedback and advice on something like this.  

5. Think about your next steps

Remember the application is only the first step in the application process, so once you’re happy that your application is the best it can be, press submit and focus your energy on the next stages. Most UK medical schools have some form of interview process like MMIs – so make sure you prepare well for these! Again, sites like The Medic Portal offer great advice on their interview guides as does the Aston Medical School’s Advice Zone.

The Aston Medical School MBChB undergraduate medical degree will be taking its first cohort of students in the fall of 2018. In the first of its kind for a UK public medical school, the majority of places will be reserved for talented international fee-paying students. If you want to find out more about our course or register your interest visit their website.


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