11th December 2018
Who are your favourite fictional medics? From Dr. Gregory House to Dr Perry Cox, here we list our favourite fictional doctors. Who’s your all-time favourite? Vote below in the poll!

1. Dr Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

As a student at Barts and the London I wouldn’t exactly be doing my due diligence if I didn’t give our very own Barts trained medic a space in this list!  Some could say that Dr. Watson spends more of his time keeping Sherlock Holmes in check than doing any real medicine but when his medical training comes in handy, it really comes in handy! He definitely shows a different avenue of medicine to consider – who wouldn’t like to be a part time detective as well?

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2. Dr Gregory House (House)

While Dr. House is quite likely to fail any OSCE owing to his disastrous personal and communication skills, he is better than a walking, talking copy of Kumar & Clarke. While he may leave a lot to be desired with his patient interaction, he is often willing to stake his career on saving a patient’s life, which I think is pretty admirable! (However, I don’t think I’d like him to be my consultant when I need to be signed off)

3. Dr Nick Riviera (The Simpsons)

“Hi everybody!” Dr Nick Riviera is a guaranteed laugh and is the perfect example of how not to be a doctor. He has a very positive attitude which seems to keep him in business, but his medical knowledge is questionable at best. He reminds us of the importance of good insurance because patients like Mr McGreg with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg are probably going to seek legal advice after his treatment.

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4. Dr Perry Cox (Scrubs)

Part devil, part angel, Percival Ulysses ‘Perry’ Cox is nearly everyone’s favourite doctor in Scrubs. His matter of fact and often brutal way of teaching is reminiscent of a few consultants I’ve come across, but it seems to work! He never panics under pressure and despite the harsh exterior really cares – and his ‘motivational’ speeches are unparalleled. Definitely not someone you’d want to be on the wrong side of, but a great mentor if you just keep your face out of his face.

5. Dr Miranda Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy)

For me there no better fictional medic than Dr Miranda Bailey of Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital. Anyone who has seen Grey’s anatomy (if you haven’t, where have you been? get on it!) knows that personal crises, emergencies and disaster are a daily occurrence but Miranda Bailey always manages to bounce back, remain herself and keep going. She’s a strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and will tell you exactly what she thinks. She’s a fantastic mother and great Chief of Surgery – I can’t fault her.

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Words: Ruari McGowan


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