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Tips for NORWICH Medicine Interview

Looking for top tips for a Norwich medicine interview? You’ve come to the right place!

Interview format: MMI

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1. Know the Course

Norwich Medical School is really passionate about their course format, pastoral care and PBL-based teaching. Be prepared to be asked questions about why you chose this particular school or type of learning, and try to think of advantages and disadvantages.

Try to mention the general university as well as extra-curricular activities; it shows that you like the university as a whole as well as the medical school. Ensure that you know what makes the course unique – such as their integrated curriculum with early and regular patient teaching or PBL course structure.  

2. Know the Norwich Medicine Interview Format

Norwich Medical School is known for its emphasis on OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) style exams, and this is the format they use at their interviews, also known as Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). Each interview lasts approximately 50 minutes where each applicant rotates through a series of stations.

Questions vary but allow you to demonstrate your approach to decision-making, ability to learn and work in a partnership, your insight into medicine as a career and personal suitability as well as attitudes and approaches. While the format might worry you, on the plus side, it gives you the chance to move on and start talking to another interviewer rather than struggling to build rapport with the same people.

3. Prepare well

As much as interviews can be a daunting process, it is really important to have an understanding of what is required of you on the day. Make sure you dress smart, as if you were attending a job interview.

Ensure you have all the documents required of you, a list of which can be found on the university website including certificates, identity documents and a work experience form.

It’s easier said than done because of how nervous you may be but make sure you try to eat a good breakfast on the day, dress smart, look and feel confident!

Words: Zainab Bazeer

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