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Tips for Aberdeen Medicine Interview

Looking for top tips for an Aberdeen medicine interview? You’ve come to the right place!

Interview format: MMI

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Aberdeen medical school use an MMI format of interviewing. There are several MMI stations which last around 7 minutes each. Like other medical schools, Aberdeen will test interviewees on common medical school topics such as teamwork, work experience and roleplay but also emphasise certain aspects of their course.

1. Be aware of the remote and rural element of teaching at your Aberdeen medicine interview

Aberdeen is located in the north of Scotland and many of the attachments and placements are organised out with the city in rural areas of Scotland. When being asked questions about why would you choose Aberdeen or what you know about the style of teaching – it is important you are able to draw on the research you have conducted into the medical school’s style of teaching and placements.

If you can mention the remote and rural option at Aberdeen, this will be looked upon favourably as recruitment of medical staff in certain geographic areas of Scotland are difficult. There is a huge drive to channel medical students into working as remote and rural doctors and if this is something that would interest you, it will be a good point to raise where appropriate.

2. Be empathetic

Many medical schools have recently raised the profile of mental health amongst their medical students and provided guidance and advice on how to look after yourself as a medical student dealing with exam stress, professional requirements and living away from home for five years. This has translated as a common topic or scenario which is included in interviews.

You may be asked to roleplay a scenario in which a peer is going through a difficult time and is considering dropping out of university. It is your job to demonstrate empathy and help them. Be aware of the prevalence of mental health amongst the medical community and how you manage your time at work with leisure.

How do you look after yourself? How would you advise a colleague on how they can seek help if they are going through a difficult time? Having good answers to these questions will be beneficial.

3. Discuss your work experience and the qualities of a doctor

A common topic at most medical schools but Aberdeen place emphasis on this topic over a number of stations. Reflect on the skills you have observed first hand during your work experience during your Aberdeen medicine interview.

How have you then tried to hone these skills yourself? Have you been able to demonstrate leadership in a team sport, for example? Have you been able to improve your teamwork skills when you organised the school prom? It is important that you identify key skills and you articulate how you have demonstrated them.

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